New Generative AI Innovations in Adobe Express Accelerate New Era of 'Creativity for All'

Adobe, the leading software company, has announced new AI-powered features for its all-in-one creativity app, Adobe Express. These features include Generative Fill, Text to Template, Translate, and Drawing and Painting capabilities, all aimed at making creativity accessible to users of all skill levels.

Generative Fill, powered by Firefly, allows users to easily insert, remove, or replace objects in any image using just a description. Text to Template, built on the new Firefly Design Model, enables users to generate editable templates using a text description, making it effortless to create professional-quality social posts, posters, flyers, and digital cards in seconds. Translate feature offers users the ability to localize content in 45 languages, saving time and effort.

The new Drawing and Painting capabilities in Adobe Express add over 50 multicolor paint and decorative brushes, mimicking various textures like charcoal, pencil, and watercolor. Additionally, student-friendly drawing templates are available in the Express for Education offering, making it simple and quick to design beautiful effects like flowers and hearts.

Express is revolutionizing content creation with its groundbreaking generative AI, designed to be safe for commercial use. It is being used by millions of users worldwide, from students to solopreneurs to creative professionals and even large enterprises, to create captivating social content, videos, PDFs, digital cards, flyers, book reports, and resumes.

Govind Balakrishnan, Senior Vice President of Adobe Express and Digital Media Services, expressed excitement about the AI-first innovations in Express, stating that they empower users of all levels to bring their ideas to life in new, fast, easy, and fun ways. Balakrishnan also mentioned that Express users are generating hundreds of millions of beautiful images using the latest AI-powered features.

Express seamlessly integrates with other Adobe applications like Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and Acrobat, allowing users to import, edit, and sync assets across applications in real-time. It also offers collaboration features, making it easy for teams to stay on brand and work together efficiently.

For enterprise users, Express bridges workflows between creative professionals and marketers through integrations into Creative Cloud and Experience Cloud applications. It democratizes creativity beyond design teams, enabling employees across an organization to generate beautiful, ready-to-share content. Express is now directly integrated into AEM Assets, and enterprise users can access AEM Assets within Express, streamlining content creation and publishing.

The press release also highlighted the positive experiences of organizations using Adobe Express. Maureen Raisch, Creative Director at the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL), praised Express for empowering their team with the necessary tools to succeed, from designing standout social content to generating logos and images using AI-powered features. Lee Prior, Head of Tesco Creative Studio, mentioned that Express has made it easier than ever to produce on-brand digital content for their customers, saving time and reducing outsourcing costs.

Express is not limited to enterprises; it caters to small businesses, solopreneurs, social media influencers, and students as well. Express for Teams is now available for small and medium businesses, allowing easy license management for designing stunning on-brand content. Students can utilize Drawing and Painting capabilities and templates to create beautiful effects for school projects. More than 56 million students and educators worldwide already have access to Express for collaboration and creating digital portfolios, shared projects, flyers, flashcards, animated videos, and more.

Adobe Express has also expanded its partner ecosystem, offering add-ons for developers to enhance creative workflows. The Express Embed SDK enables partners like Wix and Google Chrome to integrate Express capabilities into their platforms. Wix users can now edit and polish images for webpages and add effects, animations, text, shapes, icons, and more through the Wix Media Manager. Adobe has collaborated with Google Chrome to bring Express to Chromebooks, making it effortless for K-12 students and teachers to create engaging multimedia class projects. The Google Drive add-on for Express allows users to import assets from their Google Drive folders and save creative assets back to Google Drive for use in other Google apps.

The new Express for desktop is available for free, and the mobile version is currently in beta. Existing Creative Cloud members have access to the Express Premium plan, and the Express and Firefly enterprise offering is now available.

Adobe MAX, the world’s largest creativity event, is currently taking place, offering creators of all skill levels a range of inspiring sessions and networking opportunities. Adobe MAX showcases how Adobe is using Firefly with Creative Cloud, Express, and Experience Cloud to power a world-class event experience.

Adobe continues to change the world through digital experiences, and the new AI-powered features in Adobe Express further demonstrate their commitment to empowering creativity for all. With its user-friendly interface and powerful capabilities, Adobe Express is set to revolutionize content creation and make it accessible to everyone, regardless of their skill level.

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