Adobe Reimagines Customer Experiences With All-New Adobe Experience Manager for Enterprises

Adobe, the global leader in digital experiences, has announced the availability of the all-new Adobe Experience Manager Sites, a content management system (CMS) designed specifically for enterprises. This enterprise application, part of Adobe Experience Cloud, comes with new capabilities that enable businesses to optimize web content, enhance site speeds, and drive conversions. With the integration of popular word processing tools like Microsoft Word and Google Docs, creating and editing web pages has become easier than ever.

The introduction of these new innovations in Experience Manager Sites comes at a time when enterprises are under immense pressure to deliver personalized digital experiences at a faster pace. With the latest release, brands can now create and manage content more efficiently, engage customers with personalized web content, and ultimately improve business performance and customer engagement. Already, global brands such as 24 Hour Fitness, Hanesbrands, PGA TOUR, Sunstar, Volvo Trucks, and WESCO International have started reaping the benefits of adopting the all-new Adobe Experience Manager Sites.

Eric Hall, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Digital Experience Business at Adobe, expressed his pride in the industry-first innovations that empower enterprises to deliver personalized and engaging customer experiences at an unprecedented speed. He emphasized that global brands are already experiencing the advantages of adopting the all-new Adobe Experience Manager Sites, enabling them to achieve profitable, experience-led growth.

The latest Adobe Experience Manager Sites introduces several new features that help brands connect with their customers more effectively. One of the standout features is Adobe Sensei GenAI, which provides powerful LLM-agnostic tools for brands to write and modify copy in their own unique voice. This feature allows for real-time insights that drive personalization efforts and help teams understand the digital experiences that resonate with customers. By continuously experimenting and optimizing, brands can enhance their customer experiences over time.

Early adopters of the all-new Experience Manager Sites have already witnessed significant value realization. Volvo Trucks, for example, saw a boost in their mobile performance score from 35 to 100, as well as an increase in their keyword ranking from 2.5 percent to 43 percent. Merative, another early adopter, improved their web performance score by nearly 200% and reduced their page load speed by 85 percent. Maidenform, a Hanes brand, created their fastest eCommerce website to date, with page loading speeds that are 400 percent faster than before.

Leo Griffin, Vice President, Global Head of Consumer Technology at Hanes, highlighted the importance of enhancing the customer experience immediately, given the critical role of their online presence in building trust. With Adobe Experience Manager Sites, they have achieved incredible speed improvements, consistently running their new website at 95-100. These improvements not only provide customers with the best experience possible but also positively impact their business goals.

Kelly Hungerford, Director of Digital Transformation Strategy & Services at Sunstar, praised the flexibility of expanded authoring with widely known tools, enabling authors to create SEO-perfect content quickly and easily. Sunstar successfully launched a pilot project, delivering a UAT-validated website in five languages within 12 weeks. The positive results have left them eager to plan their next launches.

The all-new Adobe Experience Manager Sites is available now, offering brands the opportunity to transform their digital experiences and connect with their customers on a deeper level.

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Adobe continues to change the world through digital experiences, and the all-new Adobe Experience Manager Sites is yet another testament to their commitment to empowering enterprises and delivering exceptional customer experiences. For more information, visit

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