Sanara MedTech Announces First Sale of ALLOCYTE® Plus Advanced Viable Bone Matrix and Provides Other Product Updates

Sanara MedTech Inc., a medical technology company focused on improving clinical outcomes and reducing healthcare expenditures, has announced the first sale of its ALLOCYTE® Plus Advanced Viable Bone Matrix. This milestone marks a significant step forward for Sanara as it expands its product line to meet the growing demand in the surgical, wound, and skincare markets.

The introduction of ALLOCYTE Plus comes as a response to supply constraints experienced by the company with its ALLOCYTE Advanced Cellular Bone Matrix product line. By partnering with an alternative supplier with in-house processing capabilities, Sanara now has greater control over product supply, ensuring a sufficient stock to meet expected demand. The first sale of ALLOCYTE Plus took place on October 9, 2023, and the company has already received orders to regularly stock the product in the future.

In addition to ALLOCYTE Plus, Sanara is also preparing for the commercial launch of its BIASURGE™ Advanced Surgical Solution in November 2023. The product, which is currently being evaluated by clinical partners, is expected to play a crucial role in diversifying Sanara’s product mix and driving sales growth. BIASURGE is designed for mechanical cleansing and removal of debris, including microorganisms, from wounds, making it a versatile solution that can be utilized in various surgical procedures.

Zach Fleming, CEO of Sanara, expressed his confidence in the potential of both ALLOCYTE Plus and BIASURGE to contribute to the company’s growth. He acknowledged the impact of the ALLOCYTE supply constraint on sales growth since the fourth quarter of 2022 and emphasized the importance of meeting the demand from surgeons who recognize the efficacy and value proposition of the product. With 40 sales managers already trained on BIASURGE, Sanara is well-prepared to roll out its training program for ALLOCYTE Plus.

Sanara MedTech Inc. is committed to improving patient outcomes through evidence-based healing solutions. The company markets, distributes, and develops surgical, wound, and skincare products for use in hospitals, clinics, and post-acute care settings. With a focus on quality and regulatory requirements, Sanara aims to drive its pipeline of innovative products from concept to preclinical and clinical development.

In addition to its existing product portfolio, which includes CellerateRX® Surgical Activated Collagen® and FORTIFY TRG® Tissue Repair Graft, Sanara is actively seeking long-term strategic partnerships to expand within its focus areas of wound and skin care. These areas include debridement, biofilm removal, hydrolyzed collagen, advanced biologics, negative pressure wound therapy products, and the oxygen delivery system segment of the wound and skincare markets.

Sanara MedTech Inc. is poised to make a significant impact in the medical technology industry with its commitment to improving clinical outcomes and reducing healthcare expenditures. With the successful launch of ALLOCYTE Plus and the upcoming commercialization of BIASURGE, the company is well-positioned for continued growth and success in the surgical, wound, and skincare markets.

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