Avantax Welcomes Financial Advisor Bob Ervolina and his New York-based Lifetime Wealth Management Group

Avantax®, a renowned leader in tax-focused financial planning and wealth management, is thrilled to announce the addition of Bob Ervolina, J.D., Certified Wealth Strategist®, and his Lifetime Wealth Management Group to their esteemed network. Based near Buffalo, NY, Ervolina made the move from Securities America, a broker-dealer of Osaic (formerly Advisor Group), to join Avantax. His decision was driven by the desire to be part of a close-knit community of financial advisors and tax professionals.

Ervolina expressed his satisfaction with the transition, stating, “I found the ease of doing business with Avantax attractive, and I really like their CPA network. Even though I’ve only been on board since August, the move to Avantax has been beneficial already.” He further emphasized the importance of building relationships with CPAs, as they play a crucial role in making referrals. Ervolina and his team are excited to embrace this process and foster strong connections within the Avantax community.

Accompanying Ervolina in his move to Avantax is financial advisor Nick Beckman, further strengthening the team’s expertise and capabilities. Tim Stewart, VP, Head of Business Development at Avantax, warmly welcomed Ervolina, highlighting his dedication to building long-lasting relationships with clients and CPAs. Stewart commended Ervolina’s commitment to creating a valuable legacy in the financial advisory industry.

Avantax’s core tenet revolves around connecting financial advisors with CPAs and accounting firms. In fact, the company established its Strategic Partnership Program two decades ago, which pairs Avantax-affiliated tax and financial professionals to deliver comprehensive wealth management services to clients. Todd Mackay, President of Avantax Wealth Management, emphasized the increasing number of financial professionals eager to partner with their network of tax professionals. Many of these professionals are witnessing accelerated growth through Avantax’s Strategic Partnership Program.

Mackay further explained that clients today seek financial planning and investment advice that takes into account their tax implications. Avantax’s platform, technology, service, and Home Office support are all designed to facilitate tax-intelligent financial planning. The company’s commitment to minimizing clients’ tax burdens through comprehensive tax-focused financial planning sets them apart in the industry.

For tax and financial professionals interested in learning more about Avantax, they can visit the company’s website. Avantax, Inc. (NASDAQ: AVTA) delivers tax-focused financial planning and wealth management solutions for Financial Professionals, tax professionals, and CPA firms. With two distinct models, Avantax Wealth Management® and Avantax Planning Partners℠, the company offers a range of services through its registered broker-dealer, registered investment advisor (RIA), and insurance agency subsidiaries.

As of June 30, 2023, Avantax boasts an impressive $83.8 billion in total client assets. Their commitment to providing holistic financial planning and advisory services, in collaboration with CPA firms, positions them as a trusted partner for consumer and small-business clients.

Avantax’s recent addition of Bob Ervolina and his Lifetime Wealth Management Group further solidifies their position as a leading force in the financial advisory industry. The company’s dedication to fostering strong relationships, supporting tax-intelligent financial planning, and providing a robust network of professionals sets them apart and ensures their continued success.

For media inquiries, please contact Tony Katsulos at Avantax, Inc. or Kendra Galante at StreetCred PR. Additional information about Avantax can be found on their website or LinkedIn page.

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