Poseida Therapeutics Announces Leadership Transition

Poseida Therapeutics, a leading clinical-stage cell and gene therapy company, has announced a significant leadership transition that will further strengthen its position in the field of innovative treatments for cancer and rare diseases. Mark Gergen, the current Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Poseida, will assume the role of Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors, while Kristin Yarema, Ph.D., currently serving as President, Cell Therapy, will be appointed as the new President and CEO. These changes are expected to take effect on January 1, 2024.

Mark Gergen, who has been with Poseida since 2018, expressed his pride in the progress the company has made during his tenure. He highlighted the significant advances in capabilities and positioning that have been achieved under his leadership. Gergen’s transition to the role of Executive Chairman will allow him to focus on strategic opportunities for the business and lead the Board of Directors. He will also continue to collaborate closely with Kristin Yarema and Brent Warner, President Gene Therapy, to advance Poseida’s gene therapy pipeline.

Kristin Yarema brings a wealth of experience in the biopharmaceutical industry to her new role as President and CEO of Poseida. With a strong background in oncology and allogeneic T cell immunotherapy, Yarema has held leadership positions at prominent companies such as Atara Biotherapeutics and Amgen. Her expertise spans drug discovery, development, and commercialization across multiple disease areas. Yarema’s appointment reflects Poseida’s commitment to advancing allogeneic cell therapy and unlocking the potential of cell and gene therapy for patients with serious diseases.

The transition in leadership comes at a pivotal time for Poseida, as the company continues to develop differentiated cell and gene therapies with the potential to cure certain cancers and rare diseases. Poseida’s pipeline includes allogeneic CAR-T cell therapy product candidates for both solid and liquid tumors, as well as in vivo gene therapy product candidates targeting patient populations with high unmet medical needs. The company’s proprietary genetic editing platforms, including the non-viral piggyBac® DNA Delivery System and Cas-CLOVER™ Site-Specific Gene Editing System, along with its in-house cell therapy manufacturing capabilities, position Poseida as a leader in the field.

Poseida has also established strategic collaborations with industry giants such as Roche and Astellas Pharma, further validating the potential of its technologies and product candidates. These partnerships enable Poseida to accelerate the development of its therapies and bring them to patients in need.

The appointment of Kristin Yarema as President and CEO underscores Poseida’s commitment to advancing its powerful, proprietary technologies and developing advanced, novel medicines that have the potential to transform patient outcomes in cancer and rare genetic diseases. Yarema’s leadership, combined with the expertise of the Poseida team and strategic partners, will drive the company’s mission to unlock the promise of cell and gene therapy.

With a strong foundation and a clear vision for the future, Poseida Therapeutics is poised for continued success in its next phase of growth. The company’s leadership transition reflects its dedication to advancing innovative therapies and redefining the landscape of cell and gene therapy. As Poseida continues to make strides in developing life-changing treatments, patients and the medical community can look forward to a future where cancer and rare diseases are conquered through the power of cutting-edge science and technology.

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