Nano Dimension Business Functions As Usual

Nano Dimension Ltd., a leading supplier of Additively Manufactured Electronics and multi-dimensional polymer, metal & ceramic Additive Manufacturing 3D printing solutions, is ensuring uninterrupted operations despite the ongoing war in Israel with Hamas terrorists. With locations in Israel, the USA, Germany, Switzerland, UK, and the Netherlands, Nano Dimension is committed to delivering its products and providing responsive service to its customers, even during these challenging times.

Approximately 30% of Nano Dimension’s customers are in the defense sectors, and the company is dedicated to meeting their needs while also offering organized support for its employees and their families in Israel. The safety of employees remains the highest priority, and Nano Dimension has established a “Support Center” in its Israeli facilities to address all aspects of the company’s responsibilities to its employees, customers, and stakeholders.

Despite the ongoing conflict, Nano Dimension’s operations, including sales, R&D, and finance, continue to operate as usual. The company’s leadership is confident that the war will end decisively with proper actions to eliminate the terrorist threats. Nano Dimension’s employees, many of whom are fulfilling their roles in the Israel Defense Force reserve duty, are demonstrating resilience and commitment to their responsibilities.

Yoav Stern, the Chief Executive Officer of Nano Dimension, emphasized the company’s determination to serve its customers and support its employees during these challenging times. He acknowledged the tragic events caused by the fanatics but expressed confidence in Nano Dimension’s ability to handle the situation and continue operating under challenging circumstances. Stern highlighted the company’s commitment to fulfilling all responsibilities and providing strong commitments and performance to customers worldwide.

Nano Dimension’s vision is to transform existing electronics and mechanical manufacturing into environmentally friendly and economically efficient precision additive electronics and manufacturing. The company’s strategy involves leveraging deep learning-based AI to drive improvements in manufacturing capabilities and managing a distributed manufacturing network via the cloud. Nano Dimension has served over 2,000 customers across various vertical target markets, including aerospace & defense, advanced automotive, high-tech industrial, specialty medical technology, R&D, and academia.

With its portfolio of products, including Additive Electronics and Additive Manufacturing 3D printing machines and consumable materials, Nano Dimension offers rapid prototyping, high-mix-low-volume production, IP security, minimal environmental footprint, and design-for-manufacturing capabilities. The company is at the forefront of additive manufacturing, providing limitless possibilities for the production of electronic and mechanical devices.

While Nano Dimension acknowledges the risks and uncertainties associated with the ongoing conflict, the company remains committed to delivering on its promises and supporting its employees and customers. Nano Dimension’s resilience and dedication to its mission make it a reliable partner in the additive manufacturing industry.

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