InMode Affirms Safety of Management, Employees and Production Sites

InMode Ltd., a leading global provider of innovative medical technologies, has recently addressed the status of its operations in Israel. The company’s Chairman and CEO, Moshe Mizrahy, emphasized InMode’s commitment to supporting its customers, distributors, employees, and salespeople worldwide, with a strong focus on ensuring their safety and well-being.

Despite the challenges posed by the ongoing global pandemic, InMode reassured stakeholders that there would be no interruption to production. The company’s inventory levels, both globally and in Israel, are deemed sufficient for the next three quarters, encompassing all necessary components and subassemblies. This ensures that all platforms and consumables will be delivered on time and meet the highest quality standards.

In addition to maintaining production, InMode is taking all necessary measures to ensure continuous customer support and exceptional service. The company’s Israeli employees, known for their resilience and experience in working during challenging times, remain fully committed to InMode’s success.

It is worth noting that the contribution of revenues generated from Israel is less than 1%, highlighting the company’s global reach and diversified operations.

InMode is a prominent player in the medical technology industry, specializing in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of devices that utilize novel radiofrequency (RF) technology. The company’s innovative products cater to various medical fields, including plastic surgery, gynecology, dermatology, otolaryngology, and ophthalmology. By leveraging its minimally invasive RF technologies, InMode aims to enable new surgical procedures and enhance existing treatments.

Looking ahead, InMode remains focused on its strategic objectives and is determined to overcome any challenges that may arise. The company’s forward-looking approach and dedication to providing cutting-edge medical technologies position it as a key player in the industry.

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