Merck Highlights Innovative Oncology Portfolio and Pipeline at ESMO Congress 2023 Underscoring Commitment to Advancing Cancer Research and Improving Patient Outcomes Across Multiple Stages of Disease

Merck, a leading pharmaceutical company, is set to present new data at the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) Congress 2023 in Madrid, Spain. The data will include findings from clinical trials involving four approved medicines and three pipeline candidates across more than 15 types of cancer. The presentations will showcase the potential benefits of Merck’s cancer medicines, including KEYTRUDA, WELIREG, LENVIMA, and LYNPARZA, in improving outcomes for patients at various stages of cancer.

One of the highlights of the data to be presented is the first Phase 3 survival data from the KEYNOTE-A39/EV-302 trial, which supports the potential benefit of a combination approach using KEYTRUDA in previously untreated locally advanced or metastatic urothelial cancer. This data has been selected for the ESMO Presidential Symposium Session and official Press Briefings, indicating its significance in the field of oncology.

In addition to the KEYNOTE-A39/EV-302 trial, other key data to be presented include overall survival results from the KEYNOTE-671 trial, which evaluates the use of KEYTRUDA in earlier stages of cancer across multiple tumor types. New and updated data from the KEYNOTE-A18, KEYNOTE-522, and KEYNOTE-756 trials will also be shared, further demonstrating the potential of KEYTRUDA in different cancer settings.

Furthermore, the first Phase 3 data from the LITESPARK-005 trial will be presented, highlighting the potential of WELIREG in certain previously treated patients with advanced renal cell carcinoma. This data adds to the growing body of evidence supporting the efficacy of WELIREG in addressing the needs of patients with this type of cancer.

Merck’s commitment to advancing cancer treatment is further emphasized by the inclusion of data from its diverse pipeline at the ESMO Congress. This includes promising results from MK-1084, a KRAS G12C inhibitor, MK-2870 (SKB264), an anti-TROP2 antibody drug conjugate, and V940 (mRNA-4157), an investigational individualized neoantigen therapy. These pipeline candidates, in combination with KEYTRUDA, show potential in addressing critical gaps in care for patients with various types of cancer.

Dr. Marjorie Green, senior vice president and head of late-stage oncology at Merck Research Laboratories, expressed excitement about sharing the new research at the ESMO Congress. She emphasized Merck’s goal of providing more effective ways to treat cancer and improving outcomes for patients. The company’s extensive immuno-oncology clinical research program, with over 1,600 trials studying KEYTRUDA, reflects its dedication to understanding the role of immunotherapy in different cancers and identifying biomarkers that can predict patient response.

Merck’s participation in the ESMO Congress also includes an Oncology Investor Event, where senior management will highlight key data presentations. This event further demonstrates Merck’s commitment to transparency and collaboration in advancing cancer research and treatment.

Overall, Merck’s presence at the ESMO Congress 2023 and the data to be presented underscore the company’s ongoing efforts to make significant contributions to the field of oncology. By continuously exploring innovative approaches and expanding its portfolio, Merck aims to provide patients with more effective treatment options and improve their chances of long-term survival.

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