Median Technologies Appoints Ben McDonald to its Board of Directors

Paris-based medical imaging company, Median Technologies, has announced the appointment of Ben McDonald to its Board of Directors. McDonald, who is the Co-Founder, Partner, and Chief Investment Officer at Aegis Group Partners, brings a wealth of experience in frontier technologies investment to the role. His expertise spans various industries, including artificial intelligence, software, biotech, quantum computing, biomaterials, and clean tech.

The appointment of McDonald was approved during the ordinary shareholders’ meeting held on October 10th. His addition to the Board of Directors, chaired by Oran Muduroglu, is expected to further strengthen Median Technologies’ position in the health tech sector. McDonald’s deep knowledge of the US health tech industry, coupled with his commitment to supporting health tech companies and startups, makes him a valuable asset to the company.

Fredrik Brag, CEO and founder of Median Technologies, expressed his enthusiasm for McDonald’s appointment, stating, “I’m thrilled to welcome Ben McDonald to the board of directors of Median Technologies. Ben’s profound knowledge of the US Health Tech sector, as well as his strong commitment in supporting Health Tech companies and startups, are a real asset for Median and will very nicely complement our BOD’s expertise.”

In response to his appointment, McDonald expressed his delight at joining the Board of Directors at Median Technologies. He commended the company’s track record in pioneering cutting-edge technologies, particularly in the field of non-invasive AI-based imaging biomarkers. These biomarkers play a crucial role in the emerging era of personalized and predictive medicine, enabling physicians to create tailored treatment plans for patients, resulting in improved healthcare outcomes and a reduction in unnecessary invasive procedures.

McDonald’s belief in Median Technologies’ dedication to innovation and excellence is evident as he stated, “I firmly believe that Median’s unwavering dedication to innovation and excellence will create significant value for patients, hospitals, insurers, and investors alike.”

Median Technologies, founded in 2002 and headquartered in Sophia-Antipolis, France, leverages the power of medical images through advanced artificial intelligence technologies. The company’s goal is to increase the accuracy of diagnosis and treatment for various cancers and metabolic diseases at their earliest stages. Additionally, Median Technologies provides insights into novel therapies for patients.

The company’s iCRO solutions for medical image analysis and management in oncology trials, along with its AI/ML tech-based suite of software as medical devices (SaMD) called iBiopsy®, assist biopharmaceutical companies and clinicians in bringing new treatments to market and diagnosing patients earlier and more accurately.

With a subsidiary in the US and another in Shanghai, Median Technologies has been recognized as an “Innovative company” by the BPI and is listed on the Euronext Growth market in Paris. The company’s eligibility for the French SME equity savings plan scheme (PEA-PME) further highlights its commitment to growth and innovation.

By harnessing the potential of medical imaging and artificial intelligence, Median Technologies is playing a vital role in advancing healthcare for everyone. Through their innovative solutions, the company is helping to create a healthier world by improving diagnosis, treatment, and patient outcomes. With the addition of Ben McDonald to its Board of Directors, Median Technologies is poised to continue its trajectory of success in the health tech industry.

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