Axcelis Announces Shipment of Purion Dragon™ High Current Implanter to a World-Leading Research and Innovation Center

Axcelis Technologies, a renowned supplier of cutting-edge solutions for the semiconductor industry, has recently announced the shipment of its highly advanced Purion Dragon™ high current implanter to a prestigious research and innovation center in Europe. This world-leading facility specializes in nanoelectronics and digital technologies, making it the perfect partner for Axcelis as they delve into the development of sub 3 nanometer logic devices.

The Purion Dragon™ is specifically designed to tackle the most challenging ion implantation applications faced by chipmakers. With its state-of-the-art high current implanter architecture and innovative orthogonal beam optics, this system promises to deliver unparalleled levels of process control and productivity gains for high current applications. It is perfectly suited to address critical implant steps for advanced memory and logic applications, making it an invaluable tool for the research center’s technology development endeavors.

Greg Redinbo, the Executive Vice President of Marketing and Applications at Axcelis, expressed his delight in supporting the growth of the advanced logic market through this exciting collaboration. This marks the second placement of the Purion Dragon™ in an advanced logic research and development environment, highlighting its reputation as a go-to solution for pioneering organizations in the industry.

Axcelis Technologies has been a key player in the semiconductor industry for over 45 years, consistently providing innovative and high-productivity solutions. Their dedication to developing enabling process applications, particularly in the critical area of ion implantation systems, has solidified their position as a trusted partner for chipmakers worldwide.

This latest partnership with the world-leading research and innovation center further cements Axcelis’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of nanoelectronics and digital technologies. By equipping researchers with the Purion Dragon™, Axcelis is empowering them to explore new frontiers in sub 3 nanometer logic device development, ultimately driving advancements in the semiconductor industry as a whole.

As Axcelis continues to make strides in the field, their focus on delivering cutting-edge solutions and comprehensive life cycle support for ion implantation systems remains unwavering. With their dedication to innovation and their track record of success, Axcelis Technologies is poised to shape the future of the semiconductor industry.

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