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GeoVax Labs Receives Notice of Allowance for Multivalent HIV Vaccine Patent

GeoVax Labs, a leading biotechnology company specializing in immunotherapies and vaccines, has announced that it has received a Notice of Allowance from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for its patent application titled “Multivalent HIV Vaccine Boost Compositions and Methods of Use.” This patent covers the priming and boosting vaccination approach using GeoVax’s vector platform for expressing multiple HIV antigens.

The company’s CEO, David Dodd, expressed the importance of this patent protection in advancing their vaccine development programs. While GeoVax is currently focused on their next-generation COVID-19 vaccine and cancer immunotherapy program, they recognize the significance of developing vaccines against other global public health threats such as HIV.

Earlier this year, GeoVax’s HIV vaccine candidate, MVA62B, was part of a clinical study for a combinational HIV therapy aimed at achieving a functional cure. The study demonstrated high levels of immunogenicity, particularly in the induction of T cell immunity. These positive findings further support GeoVax’s commitment to ending the HIV epidemic worldwide.

GeoVax is also actively engaged in developing novel therapies and vaccines for solid tumor cancers and other infectious diseases. Their lead program in oncology, Gedeptin®, is currently in a Phase 1/2 clinical trial for advanced head and neck cancers. Additionally, their next-generation COVID-19 vaccine, GEO-CM04S1, is being evaluated in Phase 2 clinical trials as a primary and booster vaccine for high-risk immunocompromised patients.

With a strong leadership team and a focus on innovation, GeoVax is dedicated to driving value creation in the field of biotechnology. Their ongoing research and development efforts aim to address critical healthcare challenges and improve patient outcomes.

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