GE HealthCare Announces Study Results Demonstrating Portrait Mobile Continuous Monitoring Solution Performance with Patients and Care Teams in the Ward

GE HealthCare has unveiled new data from a pilot study conducted in collaboration with Cleveland Clinic, showcasing the effectiveness of its Portrait Mobile wireless and wearable monitoring solution. The study, known as COSMOS (Continuous Ward Monitoring with the GE HealthCare Portrait Mobile Monitoring Solution) Phase 1, enrolled 100 post-surgical patients who were continuously monitored for respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, and pulse rate using Portrait Mobile.

The results of the study demonstrated that continuous monitoring with Portrait Mobile generated alarm data that could be used to optimize ward default values. Additionally, the data indicated that further refinement on an individual basis could enhance usability. These findings were presented during the ASA 2023 Annual Meeting in San Francisco.

The significance of continuous patient monitoring cannot be understated, especially in post-surgical cases where undetected patient deterioration can have severe consequences. In fact, 30-day mortality after surgery is currently the third leading cause of death worldwide. Continuous monitoring of vital signs with Portrait Mobile enables healthcare providers to receive real-time alerts about a patient’s decline, allowing for timely intervention and prevention of further deterioration.

Principal Investigator Daniel Sessler, MD, Michael Cudahy Professor and Chair of Outcomes Research at Cleveland Clinic, highlighted the limitations of intermittent monitoring, stating that it often misses vital sign abnormalities. The COSMOS study identified alert thresholds that effectively identify potentially serious abnormalities without overwhelming nurses with non-actionable alarms.

One of the major challenges in healthcare settings is managing alarm fatigue and burnout among clinicians. Alarm rates in intensive care and cardiac telemetry units can reach hundreds per bed per day. The COSMOS study utilized alarm burden analytic software to evaluate the interaction of physiologic data, alarm delays, and thresholds. By adjusting thresholds for patients experiencing a high number of alarms, the average number of alarms per patient per day was reduced to three, or roughly one alarm every eight hours. This optimization helps minimize non-actionable alarms and alleviate the burden on care teams.

GE HealthCare’s Chief Medical Officer of Patient Care Solutions, John Beard, MD, emphasized the importance of continuous monitoring in reducing preventable patient harm. He noted that a technically robust system, coupled with properly configured physiologic thresholds, is vital to developing caregiver trust and supporting timely intervention. This is particularly crucial in the context of clinician workforce shortages and burnout, as highlighted by GE HealthCare’s recent Reimagining Better Health study.

Portrait Mobile is part of GE HealthCare’s FlexAcuity monitoring solution, which combines hardware and software designed to adapt to rapidly changing patient needs. The technology has received global recognition for its design, including the iF Design Gold Award for Product Design in 2022. GE HealthCare’s commitment to providing actionable insights and improving patient care is evident in their continuous advancements in medical technology, pharmaceutical diagnostics, and digital solutions.

As a leading global innovator in the healthcare industry, GE HealthCare is dedicated to providing integrated solutions, services, and data analytics that enhance hospital efficiency, improve clinician effectiveness, and ultimately make patients healthier and happier. With a century-long legacy of serving patients and providers, GE HealthCare is at the forefront of advancing personalized, connected, and compassionate care.

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In conclusion, GE HealthCare’s collaboration with Cleveland Clinic and the successful results of the COSMOS Phase 1 study highlight the potential of continuous monitoring with Portrait Mobile in optimizing patient care and reducing alarm fatigue. By leveraging advanced technology and data analytics, GE HealthCare is revolutionizing the healthcare industry and creating a world where healthcare knows no limits.

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