FTC Dismisses Antitrust Complaint Against Axon Following Supreme Court Ruling

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has unconditionally dismissed its administrative enforcement action against Axon Enterprise Inc., the global public safety technology leader, regarding Axon’s acquisition of failing body camera competitor Vievu in 2018. This dismissal comes after Axon’s landmark victory in the U.S. Supreme Court, which affirmed federal court jurisdiction over Axon’s constitutional challenges to the FTC’s structure.

Axon’s Vice President of Litigation, Pam Petersen, stated that the FTC’s dismissal aims to resolve both cases globally. Axon intends to file a stipulation to dismiss its federal claims, effectively ending the five-year legal battle to protect its intellectual property and investors. Axon Founder and CEO, Rick Smith, expressed his satisfaction with the outcome, emphasizing the importance of defending oneself in a fair and impartial court of law. Smith also commended Axon’s legal team for paving the way for others to address critical due process and separation of powers issues.

Axon’s Chief Legal Officer, Isaiah Fields, highlighted the company’s commitment to competition in the body camera space, attributing Axon’s success to its high-quality products, cutting-edge technology, and dedication to customers and public safety.

Axon, as a technology leader in global public safety, aims to reduce gun-related deaths between police and the public by 50% before 2033. The company offers a suite of hardware devices and cloud software solutions, including TASER energy devices, body-worn cameras, in-car cameras, and cloud-hosted digital evidence management solutions.

For more information on the history of these proceedings, visit axon.com/ftc.

About Axon:
Axon is a leading provider of technology solutions for public safety. Its mission is to build the public safety operating system of the future by integrating hardware devices and cloud software solutions that empower modern policing, defense, and security. Axon serves a diverse customer base, including law enforcement agencies, fire departments, emergency medical services, commercial enterprises, and consumers.

For more information, visit axon.com/legal.

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