Cresco Labs Launches Good News Brand in Pennsylvania with Sweet Troches

Cresco Labs Inc., the leading provider of branded cannabis products, has announced the launch of its Good News brand in Pennsylvania. The first product under the Good News brand is Sweet Troches, a sublingual form of cannabis offered in six flavors with 10mg THC. This product is now available for purchase at all Sunnyside locations and other dispensaries across the state.

Charlie Bachtell, CEO & Co-founder of Cresco Labs, expressed confidence in the company’s ability to expand its core brands and products in new markets while maintaining its strong market position. Cresco Labs currently holds the top share position in Pennsylvania and aims to further grow its market share by introducing innovative products like Sweet Troches from the Good News brand. The company has already received positive feedback from patients and caregivers for its Wonder Wellness Co. Mini Troches, and the addition of Sweet Troches provides more dosing options for consumers.

Sweet Troches from Good News are simple and easy-to-use medical marijuana products designed to be dissolved in the mouth. Made with distillate oil and live sand, these troches have a white rice flour coating and come in flavors such as Watermelon, White Grape, Berry, Orange, Peach, and Black Cherry. Each troche contains 10mg THC per dose.

Cresco Labs previously introduced Mini Troches under its Wonder Wellness Co. brand, which offer Relax, Shine, and Sleep cannabinoid effects in low-dose formulations with approachable flavors and botanical extracts.

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Cresco Labs Inc. is committed to normalizing and professionalizing the cannabis industry through a consumer-packaged goods approach and customer-focused retail experience. The company cultivates, produces, and distributes branded cannabis products on a national level, including popular brands like Cresco, High Supply, FloraCal, Good News, Wonder Wellness Co., Mindy’s, and Remedi. Cresco Labs also operates dispensaries under the Sunnyside brand, providing patients and consumers with education, convenience, and a traditional retail experience. The company actively engages with communities through outreach efforts and initiatives focused on economic opportunity, investment, workforce development, and legislative advocacy.

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