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Dell Technologies Expects Steady Growth and Increases Share Buyback Plan

Dell Technologies, a leading technology company, announced on Thursday its long-term growth expectations and plans to enhance shareholder value. The company anticipates a compounded annual revenue growth of 3-4% over the long term, demonstrating its commitment to sustained progress. In addition, Dell has decided to boost its share buyback plan by $5 billion, reinforcing its confidence in the company’s future prospects.

To further reward its shareholders, Dell also revealed its intention to raise its quarterly dividend by 10% or more each year through fiscal 2028. This move aligns with the company’s strategy to return over 80% of adjusted free cash flow to shareholders through a combination of share buybacks and dividends. Such initiatives highlight Dell’s dedication to providing value to its investors.

Although Dell’s shares experienced a slight decline of 1% in premarket trading, the company remains optimistic about its financial performance. It has increased its adjusted earnings per share target to 8% annual growth or better over the long term, reflecting its confidence in delivering sustainable profitability.

Dell’s positive outlook is supported by its recent quarterly report in August, where the company raised its full-year revenue and profit forecast. This upward revision was driven by a stabilizing demand outlook for computers and servers, indicating a favorable market environment for Dell’s products and services.

With its continued focus on growth, shareholder value, and strong financial performance, Dell Technologies remains a key player in the technology industry. The company’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction positions it well for future success.

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