Best Buy to Offer Prescription-Based Medical Devices for the First Time

Best Buy, the world’s largest specialty consumer electronics retailer, is set to expand its offerings by providing prescription-based medical devices to eligible customers. In collaboration with virtual care platform Wheel and pharmacy technology provider HealthDyne, Best Buy will sell the Dexcom G7 Continuous Glucose Monitoring System through its online platform,

The decision to offer continuous glucose monitoring systems (CGMs) comes in response to the growing demand for these devices, as more than 10% of the U.S. population has diabetes, according to the CDC. CGMs like the Dexcom G7 provide real-time glucose monitoring, eliminating the need for fingersticks and enabling individuals to make informed decisions about managing their diabetes.

Best Buy aims to make the process of purchasing a CGM easier for customers, aligning with its commitment to health and wellness. By leveraging its expertise in technology and partnering with healthcare providers, Best Buy Health seeks to enable care at home for everyone.

Customers looking to purchase the Dexcom G7 CGM can visit or to begin the process with Wheel and determine eligibility. Once approved, the prescription will be processed by HealthDyne, and the device will be conveniently delivered to the customer’s home.

While insurance payment for CGM systems will not be available at launch, customers may be able to seek reimbursement using HSA/FSA/HRA funds. Best Buy’s goal is to eventually allow customers with existing CGM prescriptions to upload them into their profile for a seamless ordering experience.

Best Buy, with its extensive network of retail stores and online presence, continues to enrich lives through technology. The company’s Best Buy Health business focuses on wellness at home, aging at home, and care at home, providing a range of devices, health and safety services, and innovative solutions to improve the overall healthcare experience.

For more information on Best Buy Health and its offerings, visit

About Best Buy Co., Inc.
Best Buy is a leader in the consumer electronics retail industry, offering a unique mix of advice, products, and services to enrich lives through technology. With nearly 1,000 retail stores in North America and a dedicated online platform, Best Buy serves customers with expert advice, curated assortments, and comprehensive services. The company is also committed to environmental, social, and governance issues, actively participating in programs that promote sustainability and community engagement. Through its Best Buy Health business, Best Buy aims to enable care at home for individuals by leveraging its strengths and partnerships to provide innovative healthcare solutions.

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