Apple updates iPhone 12 software to address France’s radiation testing

Apple Takes Steps to Address Radiation Concerns in France

In a recent announcement, Apple has revealed its plans to comply with France’s radiation testing requirements by introducing an update that will prevent the iPhone 12 from using excess power when in contact with static surfaces. This move comes after French regulators claimed that the iPhone 12 emitted higher levels of radiation than permitted, leading to a halt in sales of the device. Apple, however, has disputed these findings and is now shedding light on the discrepancy between France’s results and those of other countries where the iPhone 12 has been approved for sale.

Apple’s explanation centers around the inclusion of sensors in iPhones for over a decade, which enable the device to detect proximity to a user’s body and adjust transmission power accordingly to maintain lower levels. When the phone is not in close proximity to the body, such as when it is placed on a table, slightly higher levels of transmission power are utilized. Apple claims that the testing protocol used by L’Agence Nationale des Frequences did not take this feature into account, leading to the disparity in results.

To address these concerns, Apple has issued a software update that will be made available to users this month. This update disables the body-detection technology, ensuring that the phone operates at lower transmission power levels at all times. Apple emphasizes that the iPhone 12 remains safe to use even without the software update, stating that the device was initially certified to meet global energy transmission regulations and standards upon its release in 2020, with no subsequent changes affecting energy transmission.

“We want all iPhone 12 users to know that iPhone 12 is safe to use and always has been. iPhone 12 was certified to meet applicable worldwide energy transmission regulations and standards when it first shipped in 2020, and no changes have been made since then that would affect energy transmission,” Apple reassured in a statement.

This proactive step by Apple demonstrates the company’s commitment to addressing concerns raised by regulatory bodies and ensuring the safety of its customers. By promptly releasing a software update to address the specific issue highlighted by French regulators, Apple is taking responsibility and actively working towards a resolution. This commitment to customer satisfaction and safety is a testament to Apple’s dedication to providing high-quality products that meet global standards.

As Apple continues to prioritize user experience and safety, customers can rest assured that their iPhone 12 devices are safe to use. With the forthcoming software update, users will have peace of mind knowing that their devices are operating at optimal levels of transmission power. Apple’s swift action in addressing the concerns raised by French regulators further solidifies the company’s position as a leader in the technology industry, consistently striving to meet and exceed global standards while ensuring customer satisfaction.

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