Amazon, Walmart court early holiday shoppers in US with limited-time deals

Retail giants Amazon, Walmart, and Target are kicking off the holiday shopping season with a bang, offering enticing discounts on a range of products well ahead of Black Friday. This strategic move aims to capture the attention of eager shoppers and spread out demand over a longer period. According to Deloitte, total merchandise sales between November and January are projected to increase by 3.5% to 4.6%, reaching an impressive $1.54 trillion to $1.56 trillion.

In recent years, online shopping events hosted by Amazon and Walmart in early October have proven successful in boosting sales and creating a buzz among consumers. Amazon’s Prime Big Deal Days, which commenced on Tuesday, have already attracted a wave of sign-ups, offering limited-quantity deals on popular items such as air fryers, sparkling water makers, and men’s watches. This approach, including flash sales and invite-only deals, aims to recreate the excitement of “door buster deals” that traditionally enticed shoppers to line up outside stores on Black Fridays of the past, as noted by Neil Saunders, managing director at GlobalData.

With inflation concerns looming, holiday shoppers are becoming increasingly savvy in their search for the best deals. A recent KPMG survey revealed that consumers are actively researching discounts and coupons before making purchases. This trend has prompted retailers to offer early discounts, catering to the needs of cost-conscious shoppers looking for bargains on potential gifts.

However, some shoppers may choose to hold off on purchasing big-ticket items like tablets, laptops, and televisions until the traditional Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. These highly anticipated shopping days, following U.S. Thanksgiving, often offer unbeatable deals that are hard to resist.

Walmart, following suit with Amazon and Target, unveiled its four-day Holiday Kickoff event on Monday, featuring discounts on Dyson vacuums, HP laptops, and Apple products. Target, on the other hand, extended its October sales event to a full week, enticing customers with deals on Lego toy sets, Apple Watches, and various home goods. By starting their promotions earlier than ever before, these retailers are aiming to capture the attention of eager shoppers and establish themselves as go-to destinations for holiday shopping.

As the holiday season approaches, consumers can expect an array of exciting deals and discounts from these retail giants. Whether shoppers choose to take advantage of the early sales or wait for the traditional Black Friday and Cyber Monday extravaganzas, one thing is certain: the holiday shopping experience is set to be a thrilling and rewarding one.

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