Standard Lithium's East Texas Drilling Program Delivers New Highest Confirmed Grade Lithium Brine in North America

Standard Lithium Ltd., a leading near-commercial lithium company, has made a groundbreaking discovery in North America. The company has drilled and sampled a new highest confirmed lithium grade brine in the East Texas Smackover region, with a grade of 663 mg/L lithium. This achievement solidifies Standard Lithium’s position as the holder of the highest-grade lithium brine resource outside of Chile and Argentina.

Dr. Andy Robinson, President and COO of Standard Lithium, expressed his excitement about the quality and scale of the lithium brine assets in East Texas. The newly-drilled well delivered a new highest-grade lithium brine concentration in North America, further establishing the company’s dominance in the lithium market. Standard Lithium plans to continue expanding its footprint in the East Texas Smackover region through additional drilling, sampling, and definition work.

The significance of the Smackover Formation cannot be overstated. It represents North America’s premier lithium brine asset, with grades comparable to certain resources in South America. Standard Lithium’s projects in Arkansas, namely the Phase 1A and South West Arkansas Projects, have already demonstrated their potential. The Phase 1A project targets production of 5,400 tonnes per annum (tpa) of battery-quality lithium carbonate, while the South West Arkansas Project aims for at least 30,000 tpa of battery-quality lithium hydroxide. The lithium grades in these projects indicate an increasing trend moving westward, with the East Texas project expected to be substantially larger and higher-grade.

Higher lithium grades in brine directly correlate with lower capital and operating expenses per tonne of lithium produced, making potential projects more economically viable. Standard Lithium’s focus on securing the highest-grade resources ensures the company’s ability to meet the growing demand for lithium in the United States over the next decade.

Standard Lithium’s success is a result of its dedicated team of Smackover specialists and land professionals who have been working in the East Texas Smackover region for over 3.5 years. The company’s commitment to quality is evident in its collaboration with Western Environmental Testing Laboratories, a third-party, accredited testing facility, for sample analysis.

Standard Lithium is a leading near-commercial lithium development company that prioritizes brine projects characterized by high-grade resources, robust infrastructure, skilled labor, and streamlined permitting. The company aims to achieve sustainable, commercial-scale lithium production through its scalable and fully-integrated Direct Lithium Extraction and purification process.

With flagship projects in Arkansas and extensive brine leasing programs in key areas of the Smackover Formation in East Texas, Standard Lithium is well-positioned to become a major player in the lithium market. The company’s commitment to sustainable development and its focus on meeting the increasing demand for lithium make it a key player in the industry.

Investors and industry experts are eagerly following Standard Lithium’s progress as it continues to unlock the potential of lithium resources in North America. With its groundbreaking discoveries and strategic approach, Standard Lithium is set to make a significant impact on the lithium market and contribute to the sustainable development of lithium resources.

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