Westport Collaborates with Transportation and Energy Partners on Hydrogen-Powered Heavy Truck Demonstration in Spain

Westport Fuel Systems Inc. (“Westport”), a leading supplier of advanced alternative fuel systems and components, has successfully completed a groundbreaking heavy transport demonstration in Madrid, Spain. The demonstration involved a prototype truck equipped with Westport’s H2 HPDI™ fuel system, which transported fresh freight for the Mercadona supermarket chain.

This demonstration marks a significant milestone in Spain’s efforts to decarbonize its heavy transport sector. Westport collaborated with key transportation and energy partners, including Mercadona, Disfrimur, Scale Gas, and Versallis Tech Services, to showcase the potential of hydrogen-powered trucks in achieving sustainable logistics.

Juan J. Sanchez, CEO of Disfrimur, emphasized the importance of affordable heavy-duty hydrogen-fueled trucks in meeting transport decarbonization goals. He praised Westport’s H2 HPDI fuel system as a practical and cost-effective solution that aligns with operational needs and supports the use of hydrogen as a clean fuel.

Miguel A. Castro Pérez, General Manager of Mobility at Scale Gas, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the trial’s contribution to decarbonizing the transport sector and incorporating hydrogen into their infrastructure solutions for heavy-duty transportation.

Anders Johansson, Vice President of Heavy Duty OEMs for Westport, emphasized the sustainability and efficiency of the H2 HPDI fuel system, which powers an internal combustion engine. He expressed his delight in seeing the prototype truck successfully delivering fresh products to a supermarket logistics center, showcasing the system’s capabilities.

The collaboration between these companies represents a comprehensive and pioneering initiative in Spain, paving the way for sustainable and efficient transport in the country’s capital. By utilizing carbon-free fuel, they are driving towards a cleaner future and raising awareness of hydrogen’s potential in the heavy transport sector.

José López-Gallego, COO of Versallis Tech Services, expressed hope that this demonstration would highlight how hydrogen can contribute to cleaner heavy transport with a competitive total cost of ownership compared to traditional fossil fuel technologies.

The positive feedback from the test truck driver further reinforces the viability of the H2 HPDI fuel system, as they enthusiastically stated that “it drives like diesel…I like it!”

Westport Fuel Systems Inc. is at the forefront of driving innovation for a cleaner tomorrow. With operations across the globe, they supply advanced fuel delivery components and systems for clean, low-carbon fuels such as natural gas, renewable natural gas, propane, and hydrogen. Their technology not only meets the performance and fuel efficiency requirements of transportation applications but also addresses climate change and urban air quality challenges.

Disfrimur, a Spanish family-owned transport and logistics company, is dedicated to becoming environmentally invisible through the use of innovative technology in its fleet.

Scale Gas, known for its expertise, reliability, and innovation, manages infrastructures for the supply of alternative gaseous fuels in mobility. They have developed Spain’s first 700 bar hydrogen fueling station and have partnered with Disfrimur to introduce hydrogen as a fuel in their fleet.

Versallis Tech Services LLC specializes in hydrogen and renewable energy engineering and consulting. Their focus is on helping customers develop their vision in the world of renewable hydrogen and energy, ensuring long-term viability and value creation.

The successful demonstration in Madrid showcases the potential of hydrogen-powered heavy trucks in achieving sustainable and efficient transport. With the commitment of these companies and their collaborative efforts, Spain is taking significant strides towards a greener future in the transportation industry.

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