Thousands of Las Vegas hospitality workers to picket MGM, Caesars casinos

Las Vegas, the vibrant city known for its glitz and glamour, is facing a pivotal moment as thousands of hospitality workers prepare to picket MGM Resorts and Caesars Entertainment casinos on the iconic Las Vegas strip. This powerful display of unity comes as the unions representing these workers demand better wages and improved working conditions in the wake of the pandemic.

The impact of the pandemic on Las Vegas cannot be understated. Many hardworking individuals in the hospitality industry lost their jobs, causing a ripple effect throughout the city’s economy. However, there is hope on the horizon as the city gradually recovers. Despite visitation levels still being 7% lower than pre-pandemic times, the demand for Las Vegas remains strong, with room rates soaring over 30% higher than in 2019.

Exciting events, such as the upcoming Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix, are set to inject even more life into the city. With over 100,000 tourists expected to flock to Las Vegas for this thrilling event, the hospitality industry is gearing up to provide an unforgettable experience. This surge in tourism will undoubtedly contribute to the city’s economic recovery and provide much-needed opportunities for workers.

The Culinary and Bartenders unions, recognized as influential forces in the industry, are championing the cause of workers. Their demands include higher wages, enhanced job security in the face of technological advancements, reduced housekeeping quotas, and improved safety measures. These unions are fighting for a fair and prosperous future for their members, ensuring that the backbone of Las Vegas remains strong and resilient.

In a show of solidarity, members of the culinary and bartenders unions will take to the strip, picketing in front of eight MGM Resorts and Caesars casinos. This demonstration serves as a powerful reminder of the collective strength and determination of these workers. It is a call to action for the industry leaders to recognize the invaluable contributions of their employees and work towards a mutually beneficial solution.

Last week, productive discussions took place between the unions and the three largest private employers in Las Vegas: MGM, Caesars, and Wynn. These talks signify a willingness to find common ground and address the concerns raised by the workers. By engaging in dialogue, both sides can work towards a positive resolution that ensures the well-being and prosperity of all involved.

Las Vegas is a city built on dreams, and its success is intricately tied to the hard work and dedication of its hospitality workers. As the city continues to recover and flourish, it is essential to prioritize the welfare of those who make it all possible. By supporting fair wages, job security, and improved working conditions, Las Vegas can maintain its status as a world-class destination and a shining example of the power of unity and collaboration.

In the face of adversity, Las Vegas stands strong, ready to welcome visitors from around the globe. The efforts of the unions and the willingness of industry leaders to engage in constructive dialogue are testaments to the city’s resilience and commitment to creating a brighter future for all. Together, they will pave the way for a prosperous and inclusive Las Vegas, where workers are valued, protected, and empowered to thrive.

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