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The Beachbody Company Unveils “Growth Game Plan” to Drive Productivity and Reward Partners

The Beachbody Company, a leading subscription health and wellness company, has announced a significant initiative as part of its turnaround plan to restore growth and generate positive cash flow. The company’s “Growth Game Plan” aims to enhance productivity and incentivize higher-performing network sales partners through new tools and rewards.

Scheduled to be implemented in January 2024, the BODi Growth Game Plan introduces changes to the compensation structure, aligning it with industry best practices. The plan seeks to reward top-performing partners with special bonuses and create a more attractive business opportunity for all partners. By focusing on improving team productivity, attracting new partners, and offering a compelling business model, the Growth Game Plan aims to help customers achieve an improvement in their overall well-being, known as Health Esteem.

Carl Daikeler, co-founder and CEO of The Beachbody Company, expressed his excitement about the Growth Game Plan, stating that it offers partners the opportunity to build scalable businesses centered around helping people improve their health, fitness, and self-confidence. Daikeler emphasized the benefits of the company’s platform and world-class solutions, which will be further enhanced by the addition of Brendon Burchard and his GrowthDay App. The collaboration with Burchard aims to unlock the full potential of the partner sales force and set new standards for productivity and success in the fitness, nutrition, and wellness industry.

Burchard, founder of GrowthDay, also shared his enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting the alignment between his personal growth platform and the Beachbody network. GrowthDay offers a comprehensive system for personal development, including daily life coaching, live classes, in-person seminars, and digital tools for goal setting and habit tracking. The collaboration between Burchard and Beachbody aims to provide partners with the necessary resources to support their customers’ journey towards a better life.

The Beachbody Company recognizes the crucial role played by its network of independent partners in driving healthy lifestyle changes and growing their own businesses. The Growth Game Plan reflects the company’s confidence in the business-building potential of this unique and compelling opportunity.

About The Beachbody Company, Inc.:
Formerly known as Beachbody, The Beachbody Company, Inc. is a leading subscription health and wellness company headquartered in El Segundo, California. With a focus on the Health Esteem category, the company combines digital fitness, nutrition, and mindset content with exceptional nutritional supplements. The Beachbody community, now referred to as BODi, supports millions of individuals in their pursuit of weight loss, fitness, nutrition, and an improved mindset.

About GrowthDay:
GrowthDay is the world’s first fully-integrated personal growth platform, founded by Brendon Burchard. The platform offers a range of tools and resources, including daily life coaching, live classes, in-person seminars, and digital tools for personal development. GrowthDay aims to help individuals make self-improvement a way of life by providing access to top experts in personal and professional growth.

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