TDCX Expands Presence in Europe with New Campus in Romania

TDCX, a renowned digital customer experience solutions provider, has recently announced its expansion in Europe with the opening of a larger campus in Romania. Situated in the vibrant Green Court Campus, located in the heart of Bucharest’s dynamic business district, the new facility offers a range of amenities including inviting meeting spaces, recreational areas, a cafeteria, and even a cinema room for employees to enjoy movie nights together.

The move to a bigger campus in Romania reflects TDCX’s commitment to supporting more clients in leveraging Europe as an outsourcing destination. Over the past two years, TDCX Romania has doubled its employee headcount, catering to clients across diverse industries such as automotive, e-sports, health-tech, and software. In addition to serving existing clients and new mandates, the expanded campus positions TDCX to meet future client needs more effectively.

One of the key advantages of TDCX’s Romanian campus is its ability to provide support in 15 languages, enabling the delivery of multilingual and personalized services to cater to Europe’s linguistically and culturally diverse market.

Ms. Sophie Chelmick, Executive Vice President, EMEA, TDCX, emphasized the significance of the Bucharest campus as a crucial hub for their European operations. Romania’s strategic location in the heart of Europe facilitates collaboration with clients and partners across the continent. The country’s business-friendly environment, cost-effectiveness, and skilled workforce make it an ideal outsourcing destination. TDCX aims to attract interesting job opportunities that will lead to meaningful careers for the talents in Romania through the growth of their campus.

The expansion of TDCX’s presence in Europe aligns with the increasing demand for exceptional customer experience among European companies. A recent report highlighted that nearly 90% of mid-sized and enterprise-level companies in Europe recognize the need for CX innovation to stay ahead of competitors. European customers are seeking more personalized services, including frictionless and conversational customer interactions on a single channel. Brands must continually invest in delivering improved experiences to retain their customers.

Mr. Daniel Mereuta, Country Director of TDCX, acknowledged the evolving expectations of today’s customers and the challenges faced by brands in meeting those expectations. As a specialist CX provider, TDCX combines technological innovations with a human touch to deliver exceptional service. With their expertise and agility, TDCX helps clients establish CX teams in less than three months, covering the entire process from establishing the delivery model to hiring and training the required talent. This ensures clients can quickly start delivering on their goals.

TDCX’s new Romanian campus is located within a LEED Platinum-certified building, showcasing the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability. The campus is easily accessible by public transportation and is supported by various facilities, including a prominent shopping mall across the street.

TDCX, headquartered in Singapore, offers transformative digital CX solutions to world-leading and disruptive brands across various industries such as fintech, gaming, technology, travel and hospitality, digital advertising and social media, streaming, and e-commerce. With a strong footprint in Asia, TDCX has become a trusted partner for high-growth, new economy companies looking to tap into the region’s growth potential.

In addition to its business endeavors, TDCX is dedicated to being a responsible corporate citizen. The company’s Corporate Social Responsibility program focuses on positively transforming the lives of its employees, communities, and the environment.

With over 18,700 employees across 30 campuses globally, TDCX continues to expand its reach and deliver positive outcomes for its clients. For more information about TDCX and its services, please visit

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