RUCKUS Networks Leads The Wi-Fi 7 Revolution With The R770 Access Point, The First Enterprise-Class Wi-Fi 7 Solution Driven by RUCKUS AI

CommScope, a global leader in network connectivity solutions, has introduced the RUCKUS R770, an enterprise-class Wi-Fi 7 access point (AP) that aims to deliver exceptional performance in challenging environments. The R770 leverages the advanced capabilities of Wi-Fi 7 and RUCKUS patented innovations to provide superior speed, latency, capacity, and connection reliability.

Driven by RUCKUS AI™, a cloud service for network assurance and business intelligence, the R770 platform simplifies network management, enhances network visibility, and ensures a seamless user experience. With automatic frequency coordination (AFC) readiness, the R770 AP is set to transform the entire AP portfolio and enable industries such as manufacturing, education, hospitality, and more to benefit from the advancements in Wi-Fi 7.

The anticipated capacity, throughput, reliability, and security offered by RUCKUS Wi-Fi 7 solutions are expected to significantly enhance the student learning experience, improve efficiency, and reduce IT overhead in educational institutions like Texas State University.

Qualcomm Technologies, a trusted collaborator of RUCKUS Networks, is the Wi-Fi 7 platform provider for the R770 AP. The Qualcomm Networking Pro Wi-Fi 7 platform is designed to set new benchmarks for enterprise networking performance, offering massive capacity, wire-like stability, and blazing-fast speeds across hundreds of devices simultaneously.

Various industries, including manufacturing, multi-dwelling units (MDUs), education, hospitality, and large public venues, stand to benefit from the low latency, high reliability, speed, and capacity of the R770 platform. For internet service providers like Pavlov Media, the Wi-Fi 7 standard creates opportunities to unlock advanced network capabilities, especially in dense environments like MDUs.

According to Siân Morgan, Research Director at Dell’Oro Group, Wi-Fi 7, along with the new 6 GHz band, presents an unprecedented opportunity to increase network performance and fuel the next wave of enterprise Wi-Fi upgrades. RUCKUS Networks, with its leading-edge Wi-Fi 7 access point and deep expertise in key vertical industries, is poised to play a vital role in propelling Wi-Fi innovation to new heights.

The AI-driven Wi-Fi 7 platform offered by RUCKUS Networks enables partners to provide differentiated connectivity solutions, justify faster refresh cycles, and sell wireless solutions into mission-critical industries that historically relied on wired connections. The RUCKUS R770 AP empowers channel partners to deliver amazing end-user experiences and sets them apart in the industry.

The RUCKUS R770 is currently undergoing beta testing and is expected to begin production shipments in December 2023. For more information about the product, visit the CommScope website.

CommScope is a global company that pushes the boundaries of technology to create advanced wired and wireless networks. With a team of employees, innovators, and technologists, CommScope empowers customers to anticipate what’s next and invent what’s possible.

Overall, the introduction of the RUCKUS R770 and its advanced Wi-Fi 7 capabilities is set to revolutionize network connectivity, offering unparalleled speed, reliability, and performance in various industries. CommScope and its partners are at the forefront of this Wi-Fi revolution, driving progress and delivering exceptional solutions to meet the evolving needs of customers worldwide.

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