One Energy Unveils Innovative Power Island™ Configuration to Serve Multiple Fleet Operators

One Energy Enterprises Inc. has announced the launch of its groundbreaking Power Island™ configuration at its 30 megawatt (MW) electric semi-truck fleet charging site in Findlay, Ohio. This innovative concept aims to provide customized charging infrastructure to support multiple corporate trucking fleet operators simultaneously.

The Findlay Megawatt Hub, which is the largest truck charging site in the United States in terms of available charging capacity, can currently accommodate up to 30 MW of charging. One Energy plans to optimize the site’s efficiency by utilizing a radial charging configuration, allowing corporate customers to tailor their charging operations and equipment to suit their specific fleet’s requirements.

One Energy has developed patent-pending physical systems to optimize its radial truck charging configuration and is collaborating with charging equipment manufacturers to deploy both multiplatform and OEM-specific charging solutions. This approach ensures that individual truck needs and charging rates can be met as electric trucks are sold.

Jereme Kent, CEO of One Energy, highlighted the significance of this Power Island™ configuration in addressing the challenges faced by the electric semi-industry. He emphasized that the site’s power is readily available, at the right voltage, and can be customized to meet the needs of multiple end-users within weeks or months, rather than years.

The lack of sufficient power at the correct voltage from the grid has been a major obstacle for customer adoption of electric fleets. One Energy’s Findlay Megawatt Hub aims to solve this problem by delivering charger-ready power at scale. The site is served by a 138,000-volt transmission line, enabling it to charge up to 90 trucks concurrently.

Dana Saucier, Head of Economic Development for JobsOhio, praised Ohio’s role in advancing the electrification of logistics. He stated that the state’s competitive power costs and robust high-voltage transmission infrastructure position Ohio as a leader in energy innovation.

Notably, the Findlay Megawatt Hub was built by One Energy without government subsidies or grants, and the company received no utility incentives for the site. Thomas Lause, CFO of One Energy, emphasized their confidence in the solution and technology, which led them to take the initiative and build the site without waiting for capital markets. This functioning site now serves as a demonstration to attract capital markets.

One Energy’s Power Island™ configuration is expected to accelerate the growth of the electric semi-industry by providing cost-effective charging infrastructure that can serve multiple end-users. With the successful implementation of this concept in the manufacturing center of the United States, the company eagerly awaits the delivery of electric semi-trucks by manufacturers.

The Findlay Megawatt Hub, with its customer-specific Power Island™ configuration, showcases One Energy’s commitment to revolutionizing the electric trucking industry and driving the adoption of sustainable transportation solutions.

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