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OmniLit Acquisition Corp. Announces Effective Registration Statement for Business Combination with Syntec Optics

OmniLit Acquisition Corp., a publicly traded special purpose acquisition company, has announced that its registration statement on Form S-4, related to the business combination with Syntec Optics, has been declared effective by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. This significant milestone brings the companies closer to finalizing the merger and creating a leading optics and photonics manufacturing platform.

Syntec Optics, headquartered in Rochester, NY, is one of the largest custom optics and photonics manufacturers in the United States. With over two decades of experience, Syntec Optics operates a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and specializes in mission-critical optics components and sub-systems for the defense, bio-medical, and consumer end-markets.

The business combination between OmniLit and Syntec Optics aims to create a scalable platform that will enhance American soldiers’ safety, provide advanced tools for patient care, and deliver precision in consumer products and services. The companies are committed to leveraging their expertise to support the defense, scientific, technical, aerospace, and consumer industries.

OmniLit will be mailing the definitive proxy statement/prospectus to its stockholders, containing important information about the proposed business combination. The special meeting of OmniLit’s stockholders to approve the merger is scheduled for October 31, 2023. If approved, the business combination is expected to close shortly thereafter, and the combined entity will commence trading on the Nasdaq under the new ticker symbols “OPTX” and “OPTXW.”

OmniLit encourages all stockholders to participate in the voting process by completing and returning their proxy cards as soon as possible. The company emphasizes that every stockholder’s vote is important, regardless of the number of shares held. Stockholders who hold shares in “street name” should contact their broker, bank, or nominee to ensure their shares are voted.

The proposed business combination between OmniLit and Syntec Optics represents an exciting opportunity to create a leading player in the optics and photonics industry. Both companies are dedicated to driving innovation, advancing technology, and delivering high-quality products to their customers. With the registration statement now effective, the path is clear for the merger to proceed, bringing together the strengths and capabilities of both organizations.

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