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NiSource Launches Hydrogen Blending Project to Promote Sustainable Energy Future

NiSource Inc., a leading utility company, has announced the launch of a groundbreaking hydrogen blending project aimed at achieving a sustainable energy future. This multi-phase initiative, one of the first of its kind in the United States, involves the controlled blending of hydrogen and natural gas to determine optimal blend percentages and assess their environmental and consumer benefits.

The project was unveiled at the Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania Training Center’s Safety Town in Monaca, Pennsylvania, where a hydrogen blending skid has been constructed. NiSource President and CEO, Lloyd Yates, along with elected officials and community leaders, highlighted the potential advantages of this clean energy solution.

NiSource’s subsidiary, Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania, collaborated with EN Engineering to develop the hydrogen blending skid. This innovative system allows for the precise blending of hydrogen into the natural gas system at various percentages, ranging from two to 20 percent.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of the blended fuel, NiSource built a model home equipped with natural gas appliances to simulate everyday usage in a residential setting. Ongoing evaluations are being conducted to assess the impact of hydrogen on the natural gas itself, equipment, piping, and the overall reduction in carbon emissions resulting from blending.

Hydrogen, being one of the most abundant elements on earth, holds tremendous potential as a clean energy source. When combusted, hydrogen produces water vapor instead of greenhouse gas emissions, making it a zero-carbon fuel. NiSource aims to explore the safe production, transportation, storage, and blending of hydrogen into the existing natural gas grid to decarbonize pipelines.

Throughout the hydrogen blending project, NiSource will continue to assess the viability of hydrogen-natural gas blends for other applications, such as factories and power plants. Based on the data and results collected, future phases of the program may involve introducing hydrogen blends into the live-gas environment using NiSource’s existing gas distribution infrastructure.

This blending program is part of NiSource’s comprehensive Future of Energy strategy, which encompasses a range of clean energy solutions, including solar, wind, electricity, and renewable natural gas. The company remains committed to reducing emissions, ensuring the availability of environmentally sustainable energy sources, and balancing affordability and reliability for its customers.

NiSource’s efforts to integrate hydrogen into the energy landscape align with the global energy transition and complement renewable energy initiatives. By embracing a diverse portfolio of energy sources, NiSource aims to create a sustainable energy future that benefits both customers and the environment.

About Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania:
Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania is a subsidiary of NiSource Inc. and delivers clean, affordable, and efficient natural gas to approximately 445,000 customers. It is one of NiSource’s six regulated utility companies.

About NiSource:
NiSource Inc. is one of the largest fully-regulated utility companies in the United States, serving around 3.2 million natural gas customers and 500,000 electric customers across six states. The company is dedicated to delivering reliable and affordable energy to the communities it serves.

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