Nanox Continues Business as Planned, and Postpones Investor Day Scheduled for October 17, 2023

Nanox, the pioneering medical imaging technology company, has made the difficult decision to postpone its highly anticipated Investor Day in a show of solidarity with recent events in Israel. The event, originally scheduled for October 17, 2023, at the Nasdaq in New York City, will be rescheduled at a later date, which will be announced in the coming weeks.

Erez Meltzer, the Chief Executive Officer of Nanox, expressed his sadness over the decision but emphasized the importance of standing together during challenging times. Despite the postponement, Nanox’s business operations, particularly in the United States, will continue as planned. The company’s dedicated employees are working diligently and safely, closely monitoring the evolving situation.

Nanox remains committed to its mission of revolutionizing diagnostic medicine by making it more accessible and affordable worldwide. The company’s proprietary medical imaging technology and solutions aim to enhance the efficiency and reduce the costs associated with routine medical imaging processes. By improving early detection and treatment, Nanox believes it can significantly contribute to better health outcomes and ultimately save lives.

At the core of Nanox’s ecosystem is Nanox.ARC, a multi-source Digital Tomosynthesis system that offers cost-effective and user-friendly imaging capabilities. To augment routine CT imaging readings, Nanox leverages its AI-based suite of algorithms, Nanox.AI, which highlights early signs often associated with chronic diseases. The company also provides a cloud-based infrastructure, Nanox.CLOUD, and a proprietary decentralized marketplace through its subsidiary, USARAD Holdings Inc. This marketplace offers remote access to radiology and cardiology experts, while Nanox.MARKETPLACE serves as a comprehensive teleradiology services platform.

By seamlessly connecting medical imaging solutions from scan to diagnosis, Nanox has created an innovative and comprehensive solution that has the potential to transform the field of diagnostic medicine. The company’s dedication to increasing access, reducing costs, and improving early detection aligns with its vision of helping people achieve better health outcomes.

Nanox’s decision to postpone the Investor Day demonstrates its commitment to social responsibility and solidarity. As the company continues to monitor the situation, it remains steadfast in its pursuit of advancing medical imaging technology for the betterment of healthcare worldwide.

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