Moore Kuehn Encourages VERY, PNT, LAB, and LVOX Investors to Contact Law Firm

Moore Kuehn, PLLC, a renowned law firm specializing in securities litigation, is diligently investigating potential claims to ensure fairness for shareholders in several proposed mergers. With a focus on maximizing shareholder value and promoting transparency, Moore Kuehn aims to secure increased consideration, additional disclosures, or other relief on behalf of the shareholders involved.

One of the mergers under scrutiny involves Vericity and iA American Holdings. Vericity shareholders have been offered an attractive deal of $11.43 in cash per share. Moore Kuehn is thoroughly examining whether the Vericity board acted in the best interest of shareholders, disclosed all material information, and conducted a fair process throughout the merger negotiations.

Another merger being investigated is between POINT Biopharma Global and Eli Lilly. POINT Biopharma shareholders have been offered $12.50 in cash per share, a deal that Moore Kuehn is closely examining to ensure fairness and transparency.

Standard BioTools and SomaLogic have also agreed to merge, with Standard BioTools shareholders expected to own approximately 43% of the combined company. Moore Kuehn is conducting a comprehensive investigation into this merger to ascertain whether the boards of both companies acted in the best interest of their respective shareholders.

Lastly, LiveVox Holdings has agreed to merge with Nice Ltd., with LiveVox shareholders set to receive $3.74 in cash per share. Moore Kuehn is committed to ensuring that LiveVox shareholders are treated fairly and that the merger process was conducted transparently.

Moore Kuehn, a highly regarded New York City law firm, is dedicated to representing investors and consumers in litigation involving securities laws, fraud, breaches of fiduciary duties, and other claims. With a 5-star Google client rating, the firm has a proven track record of success in protecting the rights of its clients.

Shareholders who wish to discuss their rights and potential claims are encouraged to contact Justin Kuehn, Esq., at The firm offers a free consultation with no obligation, and all case costs are covered by Moore Kuehn, ensuring that investors can seek justice without financial burden.

Time may be limited to enforce shareholder rights, so it is crucial for shareholders to reach out to Moore Kuehn promptly. The firm’s dedication to its clients and its commitment to upholding fairness and transparency make it a trusted ally for those seeking legal recourse.

For more information about Moore Kuehn and its practice areas, please visit It is important to note that prior results do not guarantee similar outcomes, but Moore Kuehn’s reputation and expertise speak for themselves.

In conclusion, Moore Kuehn’s investigation into these proposed mergers demonstrates its commitment to protecting the rights of shareholders and ensuring fairness in the corporate world. By advocating for increased consideration, additional disclosures, and a fair process, Moore Kuehn aims to secure the best possible outcomes for its investor clients.

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