Mitsubishi Electric to Invest in Coherent's New SiC Business

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation is set to make a significant investment of USD 500 million in a new silicon carbide (SiC) business, in collaboration with Coherent Corp. This strategic move aims to bolster Mitsubishi Electric’s SiC power device business by leveraging the expertise and capabilities of Coherent, a trusted supplier of SiC substrates.

The global electric vehicle market is experiencing rapid growth, and SiC power devices are playing a crucial role in this expansion. These devices offer numerous advantages over traditional silicon power devices, including lower energy loss, higher operating temperatures, and faster switching speeds. As the world focuses on decarbonization and green transformation, the high efficiency of SiC power devices is expected to contribute significantly to these global initiatives.

Mitsubishi Electric has been at the forefront of SiC power modules for various applications, such as high-speed trains, high-voltage industrial systems, and home appliances. The company has a remarkable track record, having introduced the world’s first SiC power modules for air conditioners back in 2010. In 2015, Mitsubishi Electric achieved another milestone by becoming the first supplier of a full SiC power module for Shinkansen high-speed trains. These achievements highlight the company’s commitment to delivering advanced performance and high reliability to meet market demands.

By joining forces with Coherent, Mitsubishi Electric aims to strengthen its vertical collaboration and expand its SiC power device business. Coherent’s expertise in SiC substrates will complement Mitsubishi Electric’s existing capabilities, enabling the development and manufacture of cutting-edge SiC power modules. This collaboration will not only drive innovation but also contribute to the growth of the SiC power device market.

The investment of USD 500 million showcases Mitsubishi Electric’s confidence in the future of SiC power devices and its commitment to staying at the forefront of this industry. With this strategic move, the company is well-positioned to capitalize on the expanding electric vehicle market and other emerging applications that rely on SiC power devices.

As the world continues to prioritize sustainability and energy efficiency, Mitsubishi Electric’s collaboration with Coherent demonstrates its dedication to driving global decarbonization efforts. By leveraging the advantages of SiC power devices, the company is actively contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

For more information about Mitsubishi Electric’s investment and its SiC power device business, please visit their official website.

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