Mary Jones Announces "Stoner October" California Tour Dates

Jones Soda Co. is taking its popular cannabis-infused craft sodas on the road with its “Stoner October” California 2023 tour. The company’s #1 selling crossover cannabis brand, Mary Jones, has seen tremendous success since its launch in 2022, quickly becoming the top seller in the cannabis-infused carbonated beverage category and the fastest-growing cannabis brand in California.

Mary Jones offers a range of flavors, including MF Grape, Root Beer, Cola, Berry Lemonade, Orange & Cream, and Green Apple, all infused with THC. The brand has garnered recognition and accolades, winning the title of Best Cannabis Soda and receiving two Gold Medals at the prestigious 2023 High Spirits Awards.

The tour, led by Mary Jones herself, will visit over 25 of California’s top cannabis dispensaries, as well as participate in various events such as Hazy Friday the 13th, Flowers & Flowers Festival, and Area 420 SoCal Cannabar in Los Angeles. Other stops include Skate Safari in San Luis Obispo and the Mercy Wellness Dispensary Opening in Santa Rosa. Attendees can expect Mary Jones and mainline Jones soda sampling, exciting merchandise giveaways, and more.

David Knight, CEO of Jones Soda, expressed his gratitude for the overwhelming success of Mary Jones in California, stating, “California was the very first cannabis community to experience Mary Jones. We’ve been blown away by the rapid success we’ve had in the market and are honored to have such a big fan base in the state.” Knight also mentioned the brand’s expansion into other cannabis legal states, including Washington and Michigan, with plans for further market growth.

Mary Jones is breaking barriers as the first non-alcoholic consumer packaged goods (CPG) brand to venture into the cannabis industry. Leveraging the same pure cane sugar recipe and iconic flavors as mainline Jones, Mary Jones offers a unique and enjoyable experience for cannabis enthusiasts.

With Mary Jones already available in over 350 dispensaries across California, the brand’s popularity continues to soar. Consumers can expect to find Mary Jones in more locations soon, as the company plans to expand its reach to additional markets.

Jones Soda Co., a leading craft soda manufacturer, has successfully established its presence in the cannabis industry through its subsidiary dedicated to cannabis products. The company’s mainline Jones Soda brand is widely recognized for its great taste, unconventional flavors, and user-submitted photo labels. Jones Soda Co. is headquartered in Seattle, Washington.

For more information about Mary Jones and the Stoner October tour, interested individuals can visit Mary Jones’ Instagram page at To learn more about Jones Soda Co. and its range of products, including their craft sodas and cannabis offerings, visit their official websites:,,, or

Overall, Jones Soda Co. and its subsidiary are making waves in the cannabis industry with their innovative and popular Mary Jones brand. The Stoner October tour promises to be an exciting and memorable experience for cannabis enthusiasts in California, further solidifying Mary Jones’ position as a leading player in the cannabis-infused beverage market.

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