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LightPath Technologies Receives Renewal Order for Advanced Infrared Optics

LightPath Technologies, a leading global manufacturer and integrator of optical and infrared technologies, has announced that it has received a renewal order for advanced infrared optics. The order, valued at $3.4 million, represents a 36% increase from the initial order of $2.5 million that was announced in December.

The renewed order is part of a critical international military program, where LightPath will provide its proprietary optical components for an infrared imaging system used in threat detection and situational awareness. The Company’s BD6 Chalcogenide material, among other materials, will be utilized in the optical design.

Mark Palvino, the VP of Global Sales at LightPath, expressed delight over the increased order size, stating, “We are delighted to see that our customer is happy enough to increase their order size for such a high-profile program. Meeting the intensive qualification standards as a supplier provides evidence of LightPath’s ability to deliver value on some of the most complex and demanding needs by the US military.”

LightPath Technologies, headquartered in Orlando, Florida, is a vertically integrated provider of optics, photonics, and infrared solutions for various industries. The Company designs and manufactures a wide range of optical components, including molded glass aspheric lenses, custom molded glass freeform lenses, and infrared lenses. LightPath’s subsidiaries, Visimid Technologies and ISP Optics Corporation, specialize in customized infrared cameras and infrared lens assemblies, respectively.

With this renewal order, LightPath continues to solidify its position as a trusted supplier for critical defense programs. The Company’s ability to meet the stringent requirements of the military further highlights its expertise in delivering innovative solutions for complex needs.

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SOURCE: LightPath Technologies.

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