LifeVantage "All In" Global Convention 2023 Showcases Next Phases of LV360, Consultant Training, Product Reveals, New Sales Incentives, and More

LifeVantage Corporation recently concluded its highly successful annual Global Convention, held in San Antonio, TX, from October 5-7, 2023. The event brought together over 2,000 LifeVantage Consultants from around the world, providing them with updates on the company’s LV360 strategic transformation, Consultant training and recognition, as well as exciting announcements regarding promotions, sales incentives, products, and business tools.

The convention served as a platform for LifeVantage to showcase its commitment to driving optimal health processes and supporting Consultant businesses. LifeVantage President and CEO, Steve Fife, expressed his enthusiasm for the event, stating, “Our Global Convention is always an inspiring time for the entire LifeVantage family. The partnership we have between the corporate office and our Consultants is second to none, and our Global Convention always solidifies that relationship. It’s exciting to come together and go ‘all in’ on what we know will drive our business forward.”

One of the major announcements at the convention was the launch of the Fast Track Reset Incentive. This incentive, available to all markets operating with the new Evolve Compensation Plan, offers bonuses typically reserved for new Consultants. Additionally, a Rank Advancement Incentive was introduced for markets not yet on the Evolve Compensation Plan. These incentives aim to motivate and reward Consultants for their hard work and dedication.

Attendees were also treated to exciting product reveals, including the TrueScience® TrueRenew Daily Firming Complex. This innovative retinol-alternative product is set to launch globally in November and promises to be cleaner and kinder to the skin. Furthermore, new limited-time seasonal products were introduced, adding to the diverse range of offerings from LifeVantage.

The convention also highlighted the expansion of LifeVantage’s popular TrueScience Liquid Collagen. This top-selling product was launched in Mexico on October 6, with plans for launches in the Philippines in November and Canada in December. These expansions demonstrate LifeVantage’s commitment to bringing their high-quality products to customers worldwide.

Another exciting development unveiled at the convention was the next phase of LV360. This initiative includes the rollout of the Evolve Compensation Plan and other business programs into Canada, Mexico, and Europe in early 2024. This expansion will provide even more opportunities for Consultants to grow their businesses and reach new markets.

Beyond the business-focused agenda, LifeVantage and its Consultant attendees also engaged in a meaningful volunteer activity. Together, they packed 2,000 backpacks filled with food and art supplies for local school-aged children. These backpacks aim to provide nourishment to children who struggle to receive consistent meals outside of school-sponsored programs. This volunteer work aligns with LifeVantage’s non-profit organization, LifeVantage Legacy, which is dedicated to making a lasting impact on future generations by positively impacting the lives of one million children.

LifeVantage Corporation, known as the activation company, is a pioneer in nutrigenomics, focusing on how nutrition and naturally occurring compounds affect human genes to support good health. The company offers a wide range of scientifically-validated dietary supplements, skincare products, weight management solutions, and more. With its commitment to innovation and global expansion, LifeVantage continues to empower its Consultants and customers to lead healthier and more fulfilling lives.

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