LiDCO Introduces Board-in-Cable Solution for Enhanced Oxygen Delivery Monitoring

LiDCO, a leading medical technology company, has unveiled a groundbreaking solution that offers clinicians a more comprehensive understanding of oxygen delivery in patients. The company’s new board-in-cable (BIC) module, which has received CE mark approval, is designed to connect to multi-patient monitoring platforms like Masimo Root® Patient Monitoring and Connectivity Hub, enabling advanced hemodynamic monitoring.

By integrating LiDCO’s versatile PulseCO® algorithm into the Root patient monitoring hubs, clinicians can now easily incorporate LiDCO hemodynamic monitoring alongside other supported parameters without the need for a dedicated hemodynamic monitoring box. This innovative solution provides a more complete picture of a patient’s oxygen delivery, including cardiac output, stroke volume, pulse rate, total hemoglobin, and fractional oxygen saturation.

Joe Kiani, the Founder and CEO of Masimo, expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating that the combination of Masimo’s noninvasive rainbow SET® Pulse CO-Oximetry parameters and LiDCO’s PulseCO algorithm allows clinicians to view continuous and simultaneous data on oxygen delivery components. This real-time information can significantly enhance the care of surgical and critical care patients, providing clinicians with valuable insights into their oxygen delivery status.

The LiDCO module offers efficient setup and versatile operation, utilizing a patient’s existing arterial line and blood pressure transducer to monitor a wide range of advanced hemodynamic parameters. Its streamlined design ensures seamless compatibility with the Root monitor and other multiparameter platforms, eliminating the need for an additional dedicated hemodynamic monitor.

Clinicians have praised the LiDCO module for its potential to improve patient outcomes. Dr. Max Jonas, a Consultant in Intensive Care Medicine and Anesthesia at Southampton General Hospital, emphasized the clinical importance of LiDCO’s dynamic hemodynamic monitoring, which enables individualized goal-directed therapy and calculated global oxygen delivery. Dr. Daniela Chaló, Head of Anesthesiology at Centro Hospitalar Baixo Vouga, added that LiDCO’s plug-and-play solution, when combined with Root’s other monitoring capabilities, provides a comprehensive and advanced monitoring experience for anesthesiology and intensive care.

Studies have shown that the use of LiDCO monitoring can reduce postoperative complications, costs, and even mortalities. In a randomized controlled trial, hemodynamic optimization with LiDCO resulted in a 20% reduction in postoperative complications and reduced treatment costs. Another study demonstrated a significant decrease in mortality rates following the implementation of LiDCO technology in emergency laparotomy patients.

The LiDCO board-in-cable module represents a significant advancement in hemodynamic monitoring, offering clinicians a more complete understanding of oxygen delivery. With its integration into the Masimo Root platform, this innovative solution has the potential to revolutionize patient care in surgical and critical care settings.

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