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Kinetic Wholesale Launches Nexus, a Game-Changing Wholesale Portal for Streamlined Connectivity Solutions

Kinetic Wholesale, a leading fiber connectivity provider, has unveiled Nexus, an innovative client portal designed to address the unique challenges faced by wholesale buyers. Nexus aims to simplify and expedite the quoting, ordering, delivery, and management of Kinetic’s wholesale services by leveraging the best-in-class functionality from Connectbase and TransUnion TruContact™ Universal Order Connect (UOC), powered by Neustar®.

Simon Cooper, Vice President of Kinetic Wholesale Services, highlighted the need for scalable processes that save time and enable bulk information processing for wholesale users. Nexus has been meticulously designed by Kinetic’s wholesale experts to be intuitive, while offering all the necessary functionality for customers to quote and manage orders efficiently. Additionally, procurement specialists can access pricing information, while operations experts can monitor and manage orders and fulfillment for wholesale services.

Nexus boasts several key capabilities, including flexible integration with customers’ preferred systems and tools. Whether customers are using TruContact UOC, Connectbase, or other systems with APIs, Nexus provides back-office automation to streamline processes.

Connectbase, a partner to the industry, is excited to collaborate with Kinetic in automating the wholesale buying experience. Ben Edmond, Founder and CEO of Connectbase, emphasized the benefits of their deep, accurate location intelligence and quoting services delivered through APIs to Nexus. This integration allows buyers to prequalify opportunities, validate addresses, and quote faster and more accurately.

TransUnion, a global information and insights company, plays a crucial role in Nexus’ order processing automation. John Denemark, Senior Vice President of Carrier Provisioning at TransUnion, expressed pride in their Universal Order Connect solution, which accelerates service delivery and ensures a superior customer experience.

To learn more about how Nexus enhances the wholesale buying experience, visit the Kinetic Wholesale website.

About Kinetic Wholesale by Windstream:
Kinetic Wholesale is a business unit of Windstream, a privately held communications and software company. Kinetic offers premium broadband, entertainment, and security services through an enhanced fiber network and 5G fixed wireless service. Their services cater to consumers, businesses, and wholesale customers, primarily in rural areas across 18 states. Kinetic also provides managed communications services, including SD-WAN and UCaaS, as well as high-capacity bandwidth and transport services to businesses nationwide.

About Connectbase:
Connectbase is The Industry Cloud for Connectivity, serving as a partner to the industry and enabling next-generation buying and selling of connectivity. Their platform, The Connected World, manages approximately 300 providers globally, overseeing 2.4 billion locations across 150 countries. Connectbase’s connected ecosystem transforms network buying and selling processes.

About TransUnion:
TransUnion is a global information and insights company with a presence in over 30 countries. With a focus on ensuring trust in the marketplace, TransUnion provides actionable views of consumers, extending beyond core credit to areas such as marketing, fraud, risk, and advanced analytics. Their solutions empower consumers and businesses to transact with confidence, leading to economic opportunity and great experiences.

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