Eldorado Stone Releases Two New Trend Videos with Design Partner Kerrie Kelly

Eldorado Stone, a leading architectural stone and brick veneer manufacturer, has unveiled two captivating videos in collaboration with renowned interior designer Kerrie Kelly. The videos, titled “Splendor of Nature” and “Rustic Layered Elements,” explore the emerging design trends for 2024, showcasing the transformative power of manufactured stone and brick veneer in creating personalized and captivating spaces.

In the first video, “Splendor of Nature,” Kelly delves into the growing preference for organic colors and textures that bring a raw yet refined quality to homes. Eldorado Stone’s LoreioBrick, a slim brick profile with old-world charm, acts as a bridge between materials such as polished quartz, leathers, seagrass-inspired wallpaper, and other grounding elements. Kelly highlights LoreioBrick as an appealing choice for accent walls, fireplace surrounds, and kitchen backsplashes, suitable for a range of design styles from modern minimalist to traditional Euro-inspired spaces.

The second video, “Rustic Layered Elements,” serves as a visual guide for combining unexpected colors and materials, including weathered wood, vibrant jewel tones, and heritage pieces. Eldorado Stone’s Rivenwood, a panelized profile replicating aged wood with contemporary color blends, serves as the foundation for creating unique style stories in homes. Kelly suggests that shades of blue, from light to dark, complement the Rivenwood product, and pairing it with plush fabrics and collected items from travels enhances its weathered, historic aesthetic.

Sarah Lograsso, Director of Marketing and Product Management for Eldorado Stone, expressed delight in having Kerrie Kelly’s expert perspective as a Design Partner for the brand. Lograsso emphasized the value of Kelly’s trend analysis and mood board inspiration for homeowners and professionals involved in home projects, as well as anyone interested in staying updated with the evolving design landscape.

To watch the videos and gain insights into the latest design trends, viewers can visit Eldorado Stone’s YouTube channel. Eldorado Stone is a member of the Westlake Royal Building Products portfolio, known for its high-quality exterior and interior building products.

For more than 50 years, Eldorado Stone has been at the forefront of pushing boundaries and harnessing nature’s power and creativity to design premium architectural stone and brick veneer profiles. Their handcrafted products offer a range of colors and textures, catering to both traditional and contemporary design preferences.

To learn more about Eldorado Stone and its products, visit their official website at EldoradoStone.com.

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