Department of Defense Provides Unwavering Support to Israel Amid Unprecedented Attacks

Department of Defense Provides Unwavering Support to Israel Amid Unprecedented Attacks


In response to the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, the Department of Defense (DoD) has taken swift action to demonstrate its unequivocal support for Israel’s right to defend itself. Senior defense officials have emphasized the severity of the attacks, likening them to “ISIS level savagery.” The DoD is actively engaged in providing security assistance and making posture adjustments to ensure Israel’s defense and regional stability. This article will delve into the measures taken by the DoD and highlight their commitment to Israel’s security.

Unwavering Support for Israel’s Defense:

The DoD, under the leadership of Secretary of Defense Austin, has prioritized providing immediate support to Israel. This includes surging assistance in the form of air defense and munitions. The department is working closely with Israeli counterparts to address urgent requirements and expedite the delivery of critically needed equipment. Additionally, the DoD is collaborating with U.S. industry to expedite pending Israeli orders for military equipment. These efforts underscore the unwavering commitment to Israel’s security and its right to defend its people.

Posture Adjustments and Deterrence:

To further support Israel’s defense and deter potential escalations, the DoD has implemented posture adjustments. These adjustments involve the deployment of the USS Gerald R. Ford Strike Group to the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. The strike group, equipped with an air wing and accompanying cruisers and destroyers, will conduct maritime and air operations to assure allies and partners in the region. Its versatility and mobility enable a full spectrum of missions, including intelligence collection, maritime dominance, and long-range strike capabilities. This deployment serves as a clear demonstration of U.S. support for Israel’s defense and acts as a deterrent signal to potential adversaries.

Engagement with Allies and Partners:

In addition to providing tangible support, the DoD is actively engaged in diplomatic efforts to rally support for Israel’s defense. Secretary Austin has been in regular contact with Israeli Minister of Defense Gallant, reaffirming the United States’ unwavering support. The DoD is also coordinating with allies and partners in Europe and the region to underscore the importance of stability and discourage any attempts to exploit the current situation. These diplomatic engagements aim to send a strong message to adversaries and potential escalators that they should think twice before taking advantage of the instability.

Ensuring Resources and Appropriations:

Amid concerns about resource allocation, the DoD reassures that it has the necessary resources, authorities, and funding to continue supporting Israel’s defense. The current Memorandum of Understanding for security assistance, which began in Fiscal Year 2018, ensures the highest level of security assistance and missile defense funding ever pledged to Israel. While the DoD acknowledges the impact of a Continuing Resolution (CR) on appropriations, it emphasizes the need for bipartisan collaboration to ensure timely and adequate support for allies and partners during crises and contingencies.

Mitigating Collateral Damage and Protecting Civilians:

The DoD acknowledges the importance of mitigating collateral damage and protecting civilians in any conflict. While engaging with Israel, the department emphasizes the need to minimize civilian casualties. Discussions on this matter are ongoing, as they are with all allies and partners. However, it is crucial to recognize the severity of the attacks perpetrated by Hamas, which necessitates Israel’s response to ensure the safety of its citizens and restore deterrence.


The Department of Defense’s swift and resolute actions demonstrate its unwavering support for Israel’s right to defend itself against unprecedented attacks. Through the provision of security assistance, posture adjustments, and diplomatic engagements, the DoD aims to bolster Israel’s defense capabilities, deter potential escalations, and promote regional stability. As the situation evolves, the DoD remains committed to working collaboratively with Congress and the Executive Branch to ensure the availability of necessary resources and appropriations for supporting allies and partners worldwide.

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