Clarivate Accurately Forecasts Four New 2023 Nobel Prize Laureates

Clarivate Plc, a global leader in providing trusted intelligence, is celebrating the remarkable accuracy of its Citation Laureates™ list in identifying future Nobel Prize recipients. Four new Nobel Laureates, Ferenc Krausz, Moungi G. Bawendi, Louis E. Braus, and Claudia Goldin, were accurately identified as potential Nobel Prize winners several years before being recognized by the Nobel Assembly.

Each year, Clarivate’s Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) interprets high-quality citation data from the Web of Science™ to identify researchers of Nobel class who may be future Nobel Prize recipients. This year, four Nobel Laureates in the fields of Physics, Chemistry, and Economics were identified as Nobel class as far back as 2012. This demonstrates the significance of high citation levels in trusted journals, indicating groundbreaking research that the global scientific community recognizes as of utmost importance.

Since 2002, an impressive 75 Citation Laureates named by the ISI have gone on to receive a Nobel Prize. The accuracy of the ISI in identifying future Nobel Laureates is a result of combining data-driven quantitative analysis with the expertise of their analysts. David Pendlebury, Head of Research Analysis at the ISI, explains, “We rise to the unique challenge of forecasting Nobel Prize laureates by combining data-driven quantitative analysis with the human expertise of our analysts at ISI. This approach allows us to identify potential Nobel awardees years in advance, as exemplified by the four Citation Laureates honored this year. Their groundbreaking contributions have transformed our world, and it is an honor to see them recognized with a Nobel Prize.”

Clarivate invites everyone to explore their website to learn more about the methodology behind the Citation Laureates list. Visitors can also delve into the Hall of Citation Laureates, which showcases exceptional researchers, and read interviews with these remarkable individuals.

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Clarivate Plc’s accurate forecasting of four new Nobel Prize laureates in 2023 highlights their commitment to connecting people and organizations with reliable intelligence. Their dedication to identifying groundbreaking researchers years in advance demonstrates their expertise and the transformative impact of their work.

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