Catheter Precision Showcasing its Innovative 3D Mapping System

Catheter Precision, Inc. (NYSE: VTAK), a leading medical device company, is set to make a significant impact at several upcoming electrophysiology conferences with its innovative 3D Mapping system, VIVO. The cutting-edge technology was recently showcased at the 19th Congresso Nazionale Associazione Italiana di Aritmologia e Cardiostimolazione in Bologna, Italy, where it received commendable feedback for its potential to revolutionize patient experience and enhance efficiency in EP labs.

VIVO, which stands for View Into Ventricular Onset, is a non-invasive 3D imaging system that enables physicians to identify the origin of ventricular arrhythmias before procedures, streamlining workflow and reducing procedure time. The system has already received marketing clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and has the CE mark.

During the Congresso Nazionale event, Catheter Precision’s attendance not only highlighted the state-of-the-art technology of VIVO but also solidified collaborations for evaluations at prominent VIVO sites, including Ospedale Della Misericordia Grosseto and Pisa CNR. This demonstrates the company’s commitment to partnering with leading medical institutions to further enhance the capabilities and effectiveness of VIVO.

To strengthen its presence in the Italian medical landscape, Catheter Precision strategically partnered with Precise S.r.l., a move that is expected to solidify its foothold in the country. The alliance with Precise S.r.l. is instrumental in expanding Catheter Precision’s reach and ensuring its innovative solutions are readily available to healthcare professionals across Italy.

In addition to VIVO, Catheter Precision will also be showcasing its newly introduced product, LockeT, at various conferences. LockeT is a venous stasis closure device designed to assist in hemostasis after percutaneous venous punctures. The device has already been registered with the FDA as a Class 1 device.

Catheter Precision, formerly known as Ra Medical Systems, Inc., is focused on developing groundbreaking technology for electrophysiology procedures. The company collaborates closely with physicians to continuously advance its products and improve the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias.

Looking ahead, Catheter Precision is optimistic about the future of VIVO and its other innovative solutions. The company anticipates significant revenues during the second half of 2023 and is committed to expanding its product portfolio and achieving its growth goals.

However, it’s important to note that forward-looking statements made by the company are subject to uncertainties, risks, and changes in circumstances. The company’s expectations and beliefs may not materialize, and actual outcomes and results may differ from those contemplated in these statements. Factors such as regulatory requirements, market acceptance, competition, and supply chain disruptions could impact the company’s performance.

Despite these challenges, Catheter Precision remains dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions that improve patient outcomes and enhance the practice of electrophysiology. With its innovative products and strategic partnerships, the company is well-positioned to make a lasting impact in the field of cardiac arrhythmia treatment.

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