Adobe Releases Next Generation of Firefly Models

Adobe, the renowned software company, has made a groundbreaking announcement at the Adobe MAX conference – the unveiling of three new models in its Firefly family of creative generative AI models. The new releases include Adobe Firefly Image 2 Model, Adobe Firefly Vector Model, and Adobe Firefly Design Model. These models are set to revolutionize the creative industry by offering enhanced creative control and quality to users.

Ely Greenfield, the Chief Technology Officer of Digital Media at Adobe, expressed his excitement about the new models, stating, “Our rapid, continuous pace of Firefly innovation continues with imaging, design, and vector generation advancements – three new models that set new industry standards for output quality and user control.” Greenfield further added, “Firefly continues to offer the world’s best combination of visual capabilities, designed to be commercially safe, enabling transformative new creative workflows across Adobe apps.”

The Firefly Image 2 Model, the next generation of generative AI for imaging, brings significant advancements in creative control and quality. It introduces new Text to Image capabilities, including Generative Match, which allows users to generate content in custom, user-specified styles. Additionally, the model offers Photo Settings for photography-style image adjustments and Prompt Guidance to help users improve their prompts for superior results. With Firefly Image 2, users can expect higher-quality images and illustrations, improved human rendering quality, better colors, improved dynamic range, and greater control over output.

The Firefly Vector Model is a trailblazing AI model that focuses on producing vector graphics. It is the world’s first generative AI model for vector graphics and offers “human quality” vector and pattern outputs. This model, available in beta, empowers creatives to easily generate a wide array of vector graphics from simple text prompts, making inspiration, mood boarding, and graphic creation more efficient.

The Firefly Design Model introduces the Text to Template capability in Adobe Express, enabling instant generation of stunning template designs. This model combines professional layout technology with the Firefly Image Model, Adobe Stock, and Adobe Fonts to generate fully editable templates for various aspect ratios. This feature allows users to create personalized marketing materials quickly and efficiently.

The impact of these new models extends beyond individual users. Top global brands, including Mattel and NASCAR, have recognized the potential of Firefly in driving productivity, reducing costs, and accelerating their content supply chains. Chris Down, the Chief Design Officer at Mattel, praised Firefly for enhancing their workflows and driving inspiration and productivity from ideation to execution. Similarly, Patrick Morris, the Managing Director of Brand, Creative, and Media at NASCAR, expressed excitement about the increased efficiency and creative capabilities that Adobe’s generative AI technology brings to their team.

Adobe’s partnership with NVIDIA further highlights the significance of Firefly in the creative industry. The two companies are working together to make Firefly available as APIs in NVIDIA Omniverse, a platform for Universal Scene Description workflows. This collaboration aims to simplify and accelerate workflows for developers and designers.

Adobe MAX, the world’s largest creativity event, is showcasing the power of Firefly with Creative Cloud, Express, and Experience Cloud. The event offers a platform for creators at all skill levels to learn, network, and be inspired by industry luminaries. Livestreams of keynotes and Adobe Sneaks, where the latest prototype innovations are unveiled, are available for virtual attendees.

With the introduction of these new Firefly models, Adobe continues to push the boundaries of creativity and empower users with innovative tools. The company’s commitment to delivering high-quality output and user control sets new industry standards and opens up endless possibilities for creatives worldwide.

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