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Wrap Technologies Sponsors National Faith & Blue Weekend to Strengthen Community-Police Relationships

Wrap Technologies, a global leader in innovative public safety technologies and services, has announced its sponsorship of the National Faith & Blue Weekend. This initiative, taking place from October 6 to October 9, 2023, aims to build stronger relationships between law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve.

The Faith & Blue initiative focuses on fostering unity, trust, and mutual respect nationwide. By organizing community-driven events, dialogues, and workshops, Faith & Blue aims to bring law enforcement and faith institutions together to create safer and more harmonious neighborhoods.

Kevin Mullins, CEO of Wrap Technologies, emphasized the importance of investing in programs that engage law enforcement agencies with the communities they protect. The company’s sponsorship of National Faith & Blue Weekend reflects their commitment to public safety, accountability, and transparent law enforcement practices.

Faith & Blue Weekend will feature over 100 different types of engagements co-hosted by law enforcement agencies and faith-based organizations in more than 1000 local communities. The events will include community town halls, workshops and training sessions, community service activities, and unity events where law enforcement officers and community members can engage and interact socially.

Wrap Technologies will actively participate in Faith & Blue Weekend by hosting webinars and workshops, engaging with law enforcement agencies, and sharing insights on social media platforms. Their involvement aligns with their mission to develop groundbreaking solutions that empower public safety agencies to safeguard communities while fostering stronger relationships.

Rev. Markel Hutchins, CEO of MovementForward, Inc., the parent organization of Faith & Blue, expressed gratitude for Wrap Technologies’ sponsorship. He highlighted the company’s emphasis on responsible and accountable policing, which aligns perfectly with the mission of Faith & Blue. The sponsorship underscores the shared vision of fostering mutual respect, safety, and unity between police officers and the communities they serve across the nation.

The Faith & Blue Weekend will play a crucial role in bridging the gap between law enforcement and communities. By promoting dialogue, training, and collaboration, this initiative aims to create a climate of mutual respect and understanding. Through their sponsorship, Wrap Technologies demonstrates their commitment to building safer communities and supporting positive public safety outcomes.

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