Twenty Years of the NuVasive XLIF Procedure Celebrated at the Society for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery 2023 Annual Forum

Globus Medical, a leading musculoskeletal solutions company, recently celebrated a significant milestone at the Society for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (SMISS) ’23 Annual Forum. The event marked the 20th anniversary of the NuVasive XLIF procedure, which has revolutionized the medical technology industry.

The NuVasive XLIF procedure has had an unparalleled impact on the field of spine surgery. Over the past two decades, it has garnered extensive clinical validation and established itself as a safe and effective procedure. This achievement is a testament to the dedication and commitment of Globus Medical to procedural innovation, surgeon partnership, research, and education.

More than 120 surgeons and industry leaders gathered at the SMISS event to celebrate the XLIF procedure. The evening featured over 20 surgeon speakers who discussed the past, present, and future impact of the procedure. Dr. Frank Phillips, an XLIF user since 2003, described it as one of the most disruptive approaches in the spine field. The XLIF procedure, with its integrated portfolio of access, interbody implants, fixation, and enabling technologies, has consistently delivered more predictable outcomes and fewer complications compared to traditional spinal fusion procedures.

Dr. Bill Smith, a neurosurgeon and early adopter of XLIF, praised its advancements in lateral, minimally invasive surgical applications. From its initial use as a one-level degenerative procedure, XLIF has become the standard of care for various pathologies, including complex cases involving deformities, tumors, and trauma. With over 300,000 procedures performed, 200+ educational courses hosted, 600+ peer-reviewed publications, and 60+ dedicated products launched, XLIF continues to transform the lives of patients worldwide.

Dr. J. Alex Thomas, from Atlantic Brain and Spine, expressed excitement about the future of innovation in lateral surgery. He believes that XLIF has already revolutionized minimally invasive and single-position surgeries, and he anticipates even greater advancements in the next twenty years.

Globus Medical, Inc. is committed to providing innovative technologies and comprehensive musculoskeletal solutions to healthcare providers worldwide. The company’s relentless focus on advancing patient care has made it a trusted leader in the industry. By recently integrating with NuVasive, Globus Medical has expanded its offerings and further strengthened its position as a leading provider of musculoskeletal solutions.

As with any forward-looking company, Globus Medical acknowledges the risks and uncertainties associated with its operations. However, the company remains dedicated to its mission and continues to prioritize patient care and technological advancements.

Overall, the celebration of the NuVasive XLIF procedure’s 20th anniversary highlights the remarkable impact it has had on the field of spine surgery. Through ongoing innovation, surgeon collaboration, and a commitment to research and education, Globus Medical is poised to continue changing the lives of patients worldwide for the next twenty years and beyond.

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