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Tina Knowles-Lawson Praises Blue Ivy on Her 11th Birthday in Sweet Tribute: ‘Such a Queen’

Tina Knowle-Lawson is celebrating her fellow Capricorn and beloved granddaughter Blue Ivy Carter.

The Knowles family matriarch, 69, paid tribute to Beyoncé‘s oldest child for her 11th birthday in an Instagram post shared Sunday, featuring a photo of Tina and the young Grammy Award-winning birthday girl posing together on a beach.

“The day that you were born was one of the best days of my life,” she started in the caption. “I was really praying and pushing your mom to have you on January 4 which is my birthday. I really wanted you to share my birthday, but like your auntie Solo [Solange Knowles] you decided to come when you were good and damn ready and that was on January 7 three days after my birthday.

“Knowing you and your personality now, I realize that you needed your own day because you were such a queen and you are so very special! You can sing dance, play basketball, play volleyball, paint, draw, sculpt, sew, write poetry, write songs, create, act, play the piano! I could go on and on. Because there’s really nothing that you can’t do.”

“You are funny and beautiful and graceful, kind, and so smart. I could not ask for a better granddaughter, Ms. Blue Ivy Carter! I could not be more blessed, grateful, and completely in love with another human. You truly bring me joy!! Grandma T,” Knowles-Lawson signed the post.

Beyoncé, 41, and husband Jay-Z, who tied the knot in 2008, welcomed Blue Ivy in 2012, and they also share 5½-year-old twins, daughter Rumi and son Sir.

Jay-Z, 53, previously raved about being a father to their three children and spending time together as a family as he appeared on Kevin Hart‘s Peacock talk show Hart to Heart in July.

“Time is all you have. That’s the only thing we control,” he said. “It’s how you spend your time. You’re reckless with your time before, you’re just all over the place and then you have to… What are you leaving your house for?”

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“Every second that you spend, you’re spending away from the development of these people that you brought here, that you love more than anything in the world. So what are you going to spend that time on? So that changed a lot. That changed practically everything for me,” Carter added.

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