Phoenix Motor Inc. Launches PEM Electrolyzer and Fuel Cell Product Lines for Sustainable Energy Transition

Phoenix Motor Inc., a leading electrification solutions provider for medium-duty vehicles, has announced the launch of new Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) solutions for green hydrogen products and production. The introduction of these products aligns with the company’s commitment to advancing renewable energy and facilitating the transition to a carbon-neutral society.

The PEM electrolyzers offered by Phoenix Motor Inc.’s subsidiary, EdisonFuture, provide hydrogen production capabilities ranging from 60 to 250 Nm3/h, with an impressive purity level of 99.999%. These durable and reliable electrolyzers are designed to seamlessly integrate with renewable energy sources, enabling the delivery of clean hydrogen to customers while significantly reducing their carbon footprint.

In addition to the electrolyzers, Phoenix Motor Inc. has also unveiled 110KW and 200KW PEM fuel cell products. These high-efficiency fuel cell generators are expected to be suitable for future heavy-duty, high-power applications. By utilizing these fuel cells, customers can access green hydrogen with a significantly lower environmental impact compared to fossil-based fuels.

Denton Peng, Chairman and CEO of Phoenix Motor Inc., expressed his satisfaction with the launch of the new electrolyzer solutions, stating, “Hydrogen is a key component in the transition to a carbon-free society, and we believe these technologies will make an important contribution to this effort.” He also mentioned that the company is currently in the process of selecting a site for a U.S. manufacturing facility to produce the new line of electrolysis products.

To further strengthen their commitment to renewable energy solutions, Phoenix Motor Inc. has appointed Dr. Bo Yang as the Head of Research & Development for the hydrogen business. With two decades of experience in clean energy technologies, Dr. Yang will lead the R&D team in developing more efficient renewable energy solutions and products.

Dr. Yang’s expertise includes practical applications of clean energy technologies, and he has previously spearheaded hydrogen initiatives at Phoenix Motor Inc. His appointment is expected to enhance the company’s efforts in improving renewable energy solutions for green hydrogen production and introducing new products to the market.

Phoenix Motor Inc., through its brands Phoenix Motorcars and EdisonFuture, aims to be a leading designer, developer, and manufacturer of electric vehicles and electric vehicle technologies. The company’s diverse range of renewable energy solutions continues to expand, positioning them to capitalize on the growing hydrogen market.

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