New 32-Bit MCU Features an Embedded Hardware Security Module to Safeguard Industrial and Consumer Applications

Microchip Technology, a leading provider of smart and secure embedded control solutions, has unveiled a new family of microcontrollers that aims to address the evolving and sophisticated security threats faced by industrial and consumer application designers. The PIC32CZ CA microcontrollers feature a powerful 300 MHz Arm Cortex-M7 processor and come equipped with an integrated Hardware Security Module (HSM), providing designers with an easy way to integrate robust security features into their devices.

The HSM in the PIC32CZ CA90 model is a monolithic solution that offers advanced security for a wide range of applications. It operates as a secure subsystem with a separate MCU on board, running firmware and security features such as hardware secure boot, key storage, cryptographic acceleration, and a true random number generator. This comprehensive security suite ensures that sensitive data and critical operations remain protected from potential threats.

For customers requiring enhanced security, Microchip offers factory provisioning on the PIC32CZ CA90. This service provides pre-provisioned devices that are ready to be deployed, saving valuable time and effort during the production process. Microchip’s Trust Platform Development Suite, an in-house secure provisioning tool, enables secure supply chain management at scale or in low-volume production.

Rod Drake, Corporate Vice President of Microchip’s MCU32 business unit, emphasized the versatility of the PIC32CZ CA microcontrollers, stating, “These are extremely versatile MCUs with the option of factory provisioning at low-volume production and other customizable configurations such as connectivity and memory to fit many different requirements.” This flexibility allows designers to tailor the microcontrollers to their specific needs, ensuring optimal performance and functionality.

Connectivity options for the PIC32CZ CA microcontrollers include USART/UART, I2C, SPI, CAN FD, High-Speed USB, and Gigabit Ethernet. The Ethernet option supports Audio Video Bridging (AVB) and Precision Time Protocol (PTP) based on the IEEE 1588 standard, enabling seamless integration into various networked environments. Additionally, these microcontrollers offer scalable memory options, with 2, 4, or 8 MB of on-board Flash, 1 MB of SRAM, and Error Correction Code (ECC) memory to safeguard against data corruption.

To support developers in the design phase, Microchip provides the PIC32CZ CA90 Curiosity Ultra Development Board, the PIC32CZ CA80 Curiosity Ultra Development Board, and MPLAB Harmony v3. These development tools enable testing, programming, and debugging, facilitating a smooth and efficient development process.

The PIC32CZ CA80 is available for $14.80 each in 10,000-unit quantities, while the PIC32CZ CA90 is priced at $15.54 each in the same quantity. Both models are offered in a BGA 208 package. For more information and to purchase these microcontrollers, customers can contact a Microchip sales representative, authorized worldwide distributor, or visit Microchip’s Purchasing and Client Services website.

Microchip Technology continues to expand its broad portfolio of PIC32 and SAM families, providing high-performance, customizable, and feature-rich microcontrollers. With its commitment to delivering smart, connected, and secure embedded control solutions, Microchip is empowering designers to create innovative products that reduce risk, lower system costs, and accelerate time to market.

About Microchip Technology Inc.:
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