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Luminar Successfully Passes Series Production ‘Run at Rate’ Test Leading up to Volvo EX90 Launch

Luminar Technologies, a leading global automotive company, has achieved a significant milestone in its mission to enable the world’s safest and smartest vehicles. The company has successfully passed its first major Run at Rate production test for Volvo Cars at its highly automated manufacturing facility in Monterrey, Mexico. This accomplishment paves the way for the launch of the Volvo EX90, which will feature Luminar’s LiDAR technology as a standard feature on every vehicle.

The Run at Rate test evaluated Luminar’s ability to manufacture its LiDAR sensors on its highly automated production line in Mexico, ensuring that the company can meet the increasing demands of higher production rates, as well as quality, reliability, and performance requirements. By passing this test for Volvo Cars, Luminar has demonstrated its ability to achieve scale and its commitment to the highest standards of automotive safety.

Kevin Hinge, EVP of Supply Chain and Manufacturing at Luminar, highlighted the significance of this achievement, stating that passing Volvo Cars’ Run at Rate milestone is a key inflection point for the company to drive broad-scale adoption of its technology. Luminar’s vertically integrated technology and supply chain foundation have proven to be instrumental in preparing for scaled production.

Javier Varela, Volvo Cars’ Chief Operating Officer and Deputy CEO, also emphasized the importance of Luminar’s technology in taking Volvo safety to the next level. He commended Luminar for passing the Run at Rate milestone, which brings the company closer to delivering its technology to customers worldwide.

In addition to this achievement, Luminar recently completed the first installation of its high-performance LiDAR onto a Volvo EX90 manufactured at Volvo’s Charleston plant. This marks another critical milestone for Luminar on its path to start production for Volvo Cars.

Luminar is a global automotive technology company that has developed an advanced hardware and software/AI platform. With over 50 industry partners, including major automotive OEMs, Luminar is at the forefront of enabling next-generation safety and autonomous capabilities for vehicles worldwide.

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