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LIVE Updates | Covid BF.7 Variant Scare in India: Expert says mutation is COVID’s only tool

Coronavirus Outbreak: India on HIGH alert for BF.7 variant, Check 10 govt plans before Christmas

Corona is not over yet. Offices have started to celebrate Christmas. The Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya appealed to people to take care that the Corona virus does not increase while celebrating Christmas. The Union Health Ministry has appealed to follow the Covid protocol. He said, “We are all taking the necessary precautions. At present, 82 percent of the total corona cases are in 10 countries of the world. Japan and China are leading in it. In China, one patient infected with the corona virus infects 16 people.” Therefore, after discussing with various health experts, the Ministry of Health has also said that corona is increasing in areas where vaccination is low or minimal, where the immunity of patients is reduced. Union Health Minister Mandaviya will soon meet the health ministers of all the states. All these are going to be discussed on what should be taken care of as the Corona has started to increase again in the world and also there will be a discussion about the solution plans.

Check the basic advisory of the Govt to fight the Deadly Virus:

Masks and Social Distancing

Due to the increasing number of corona virus and the possibility of an increasing number of corona patients in India, masks and social distancing has been called for. It has also been said that this must be done, especially by air travelers. It has also been clarified that passengers who are showing symptoms should self-isolate.

Random Testing

Random testing is being done at airports. Special attention is being paid to passengers coming from different countries. The ministry has also asked the civil aviation ministry to ensure random post-arrival Covid testing at airports of 2 per cent of the passengers arriving in India on each international flight, from December 24

Keep A Check

The Union Health Ministry has urged all states and Union Territories to ramp up the whole genome sequencing of positive samples to keep track of newer variants.

Entry Of Sub Variant

The sub-variant has entered India. Patients with the new variant BF.7 have also been found in India. Four patients are currently infected with this variant. The first patient was found in India in July and was infected with this variant. After that, it was found that two patients were infected with the same variant in the month of November as well.

Registration For Getting Booster Dose Increases

Getting booster doses on the Co-win website and portal has increased. It can be seen that this increase has taken place since December 18. Due to the increase in corona patients in China, people are now taking precautionary steps in India as well.

Avoid Gatherings

The Indian Medical Association (IMA) has advised people to avoid public gatherings such as wedding ceremonies, political or social meetings. The IMA has also said non-mandatory international travels should be avoided

Doctor Consultation

A doctor should be consulted in case of symptoms such as fever, sore throat, cough and loose motion.

No Travel Restrictions

As of now, the government has not notified of any travel restrictions within or outside the country. However, the Union Health Ministry is monitoring the situation continuously

No Pan-India Mask Mandate

The Health Ministry has not yet issued a pan-India mask mandate advisory. However, central government officials were seen wearing face masks at Covid-19 review meetings

Needle-Free Vaccine

Officials said the needle-free vaccine will be available at private centres and will be introduced on the Co-WIN platform on Friday evening.

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