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Lala Kent and Scheana Shay Celebrate Ninja’s Groundbreaking Beverage Innovation in New York City

Lala Kent and Scheana Shay, popular stars of Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules, joined forces with SharkNinja Inc., a global product design and technology company, to celebrate the launch of the revolutionary Ninja Thirsti™ Drink System. This cutting-edge innovation in the beverage category offers consumers the freedom to personalize their drinks with ease, allowing them to explore a world of flavor possibilities.

The Ninja Thirsti™ hosted an immersive experience called “If You Can Dream It, You Can Drink It” in the vibrant city of New York last night. Attendees were treated to a unique opportunity to quench their thirst and discover a wide range of perfectly curated, personalized beverages. Lala Kent and Scheana Shay, who are known for their expertise in hydration, were present as Thirsti™ partners and shared their excitement about the Ninja Thirsti™ Drink System.

Lala Kent expressed her enthusiasm for the new drink system, stating, “I’ve tried every single sparkling water known to man, so when Ninja reached out about the new Thirsti™ Drink System, I couldn’t wait to try it. Balancing the demands of motherhood, filming, and everything in between, I am now able to easily customize my sparkling water, by flavor or even fizz level, ditching the need to lug cases of sparkling water home from the store.”

Scheana Shay, who always keeps her fridge stocked with various beverages, also shared her love for the Ninja Thirsti™ Drink System. She said, “My fridge is always stocked with seltzer, energy drinks, enhanced water – you name it. The Ninja Thirsti™ Drink System has become my new obsession because I’m now able to customize any drink that I’m craving, bringing me back to my nostalgic bartending days.”

The Ninja Thirsti™ Drink System is a countertop appliance that can make thousands of drinks. With options to choose between still or sparkling, different flavors, and various sizes, it caters to every individual’s beverage preferences. Offering over 4 drink lines and more than 20 flavor combinations, the Ninja Thirsti™ ensures an endless array of zero-calorie, zero-sugar drinks* at the touch of a button.

Consumers can purchase the Ninja Thirsti™ Drink System for $179.99 on, as well as through popular retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, Meijer, Target, and Walmart.

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*Zero calories, zero sugar drinks per 12oz serving

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