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Just as Finn Manages to Tie Sheila Up, He and Steffy Are Stunned to See [Spoiler] Appear in

Finn and Steffy’s romantic evening is interrupted when the door to the cliff house flies open — and they are horrified to see Shelia standing in the entranceway of their home. “Oh my God, Sheila!” Steffy cries out. The sound of thunder crashes around them as lightening flashes within the room. Finn jumps up and frisks Sheila for weapons, as Steffy finds that the power is out. Sheila recalls turning it off but blames the storm and refuses to leave. She wants her precious family back. Finn screams, “You’re not our family! You’re going to prison for the rest of your life!”

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Finn grabs Sheila as Steffy pulls him back and cries, “No!” They want Sheila behind bars and warn she should’ve gotten away while she had the chance. Over talk of her toe, Steffy calls her sick, but Shelia would do anything, no matter how much it hurt her, for her family. Finn lists all of her crimes then grabs her again and orders, “You’re coming with me.” In the process, Shelia falls to the couch and begs them to hear her out — even if it is for the last time. Leaving wasn’t an option for her, she just wants them to understand.

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Shelia stands up from the couch and Finn orders her back, as she pleads, “I didn’t mean to shoot you, I didn’t mean to shoot anyone.” She blames Steffy for trying to keep them apart then professes her love to Finn. She’s his mother and Hayes’ grandmother and nothing can change that. “Give me a chance,” Shelia begs, wanting to move forward with them. Finn promises that she’ll pay for her crimes. There’s nothing she can say that will change their mind. “You’re going to prison,” Finn states. “Tonight.” Sheila recalls those who have underestimated her and warns that it’s not over — she won’t go back to prison. She always finds a way out. Finn and Steffy lash out at her but Sheila vows to remains a free woman. Steffy hands Finn some rope then he ties her up. Finn warns it’s finally over. Suddenly, Bill appears in the doorway, as Sheila smirks and Steffy calls out, “Bill!”

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Taylor finds Brooke in the main office at Forrester and wonders why she wanted to see her. Brooke informs Taylor that Thomas was voted out of Forrester Creations tonight. Taylor is stunned that the vote was unanimous. Brooke thought maybe Ridge had told her but Taylor knows her family is going through a lot. Thomas must be devastated. Brooke assures it was best for the company — it’s not like they were trying to get back at him. Taylor understands, she’s trying to anyway, and notes there was a time when something like this would have caused a huge Logan/Forrester battle. Both agree, “Not anymore.”

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Taylor apologizes for what Thomas did to her — she doesn’t blame Brooke for not wanting to see Thomas there every day. They touch on the past then again look forward to their future as friends. Taylor’s happy and feels fulfilled right now — there’s nothing that can mess that up for her except Sheila, who’s a huge threat to both of their families. They talk about Sheila and how no one knows where she is. Suddenly, a bolt of lightning and a crash of thunder scare the women. They all have to keep their guard up. Brooke thinks maybe Finn and Steffy should go out of town but Taylor says they want to stand their ground. She thinks Sheila could go after Hayes and wonders what she’s going to do next.

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Carter and Katie enter the design office, soaked from the rain, after walking back to Forrester from dinner. After they joke about Mother Nature having other ideas for their date, they decide to get out of the wet clothes. Carter takes off his shirt and pants and hands them to Katie, who takes in the “fine” view, then heads off to put them in the dryer. When Katie returns, wearing a robe, she finds Carter pouring wine. He puts on the robe she hands him then toasts to Katie’s grace, health and beauty. They passionately kiss.

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Read Nore:Just as Finn Manages to Tie Sheila Up, He and Steffy Are Stunned to See [Spoiler] Appear in