J.P. Morgan Enhances Data Management Capabilities for Securities Services Clients

J.P. Morgan is revolutionizing the way institutional investors access critical investment data with the launch of its Securities Services Data Mesh through Fusion by J.P. Morgan. This innovative solution allows investors to retrieve data from J.P. Morgan’s Custody, Fund Accounting, and Middle Office services using cloud-native channels such as REST APIs, Jupyter notebooks, and the Snowflake Financial Services Data Cloud.

In today’s fast-paced financial landscape, organizations are increasingly relying on the cloud and advanced technologies like analytics, AI, and machine learning. To fully leverage these tools, investors need data that is readily available and compatible with modern technology stacks. Fusion’s Data Mesh addresses this need by providing a range of cloud-native channels, eliminating the challenges of integrating asset servicing data, especially as portfolios and investments become larger and more complex.

Gerard Francis, Head of Data Solutions at J.P. Morgan, emphasized the importance of easy access to data for institutional investors, stating, “Having easy access to that data is paramount. With Fusion’s new Data Mesh, we meet our clients where they are, delivering data directly to their Snowflake instances and Python notebooks. Clients can now access data directly from applications running in the cloud and on-premise through Fusion APIs and other modern delivery channels. This launch is the latest example of Fusion helping clients to overcome their data challenges.”

To deliver Securities Services data directly into investors’ workflows, Fusion is collaborating with leading cloud providers, including Snowflake. Benoit Dageville, Snowflake Co-Founder and President of Products, praised J.P. Morgan’s Fusion platform for transforming the client experience and modernizing how clients access Securities Services data and analytics.

Tim Fitzgerald, Global Head of Securities Services at J.P. Morgan, highlighted the increasing importance of data in the Securities Services industry, stating, “Fusion is a central tenet of our offering, and its expansion to cloud-native delivery of custody, fund accounting, and middle office data gives our clients the tools to focus on the evolution and growth of their businesses.”

The Fusion platform has already garnered positive feedback from clients. Julia Hegelstad, Digital Product Manager at Storebrand Asset Management, commended Fusion for providing a stable, modern, and reliable way to connect to J.P. Morgan’s Securities Services data universe. Hegelstad expressed excitement about expanding the use of Fusion as the platform extends to new areas.

With its cloud-native capabilities and channels, Fusion by J.P. Morgan is empowering institutional investors to make data-driven decisions with ease and efficiency. By leveraging the power of the cloud and collaborating with industry leaders like Snowflake, J.P. Morgan is at the forefront of transforming the way investors access and analyze critical investment data.

For more information about Fusion’s Securities Services Data Mesh, visit: https://fusion.jpmorgan.com/solutions/securities-services-data-mesh.

About Fusion by J.P. Morgan:
Fusion is a cloud-native data technology solution that provides data management, analytics, and reporting for institutional investors. Built on J.P. Morgan’s global operating model and rich data foundation, Fusion offers the benefits of scale and cost reduction. With integrated solutions covering investment strategies, fund structures, asset types, and geographies, J.P. Morgan Securities Services delivers the expertise, scale, and capabilities to help clients protect and grow their assets, optimize efficiency, and seize opportunities in global markets.

About J.P. Morgan’s Corporate & Investment Bank:
J.P. Morgan’s Corporate & Investment Bank is a global leader in banking, markets, and securities services. Trusted by the world’s most important corporations, governments, and institutions in over 100 countries, J.P. Morgan manages $30.4 trillion of assets under custody and $647.5 billion in deposits as of June 30, 2023. The Corporate & Investment Bank provides strategic advice, capital raising, risk management, and liquidity solutions worldwide. Learn more about J.P. Morgan at www.jpmorgan.com.

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